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Back again eith more from the Cooking Encyclopedia (Ryori Hyakka, published by Shufunotomo in Tokyo, 1961). This is from the egg section.
The first photo is titled “A bright western style breakfast featuring fried eggs”. Fried eggs (medamayaki) are very popular for breakfast or any meal now, but cereal for breakfast never really caught on in a big way, although you can get the basic types like cornflakes at any supermarket. You certainly don’t see the huge aisles dedicated to cereals you see in American supermarkets though. For a breakfast like this you’ll probably have toast or maybe a small roll rather than the cereal. Love the ‘60s coffee pot!
The next photo shows a selection of wafuu (traditional Japanese) and chuuka (Chinese) egg dishes. The Japanese ones all seem to be meant to be served cold.
The last picture, a graphic showing different egg sizes and how much they weigh, is my favorite - so clear and easy to understand!



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