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We always said we weren’t beach people - but the reality is, we’re just not sit around and do nothing people. ⛱
We’ve enjoyed a stroll along the beach each day since we arrived on Ambergris Caye. And since the sun has wiped us out, we’ve enjoyed a low key lunch and nap each day too. 🌊
Happy weekend to my friends who has to work this week. 😄🍹
Do you enjoy the beach? When was the last time you visited? 🏝☀️
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  • 34w ago wanderingredheadcher wanderingredheadcher

    Love this photo! I like to sit around part of the day but not alk the time

  • 34w ago travel_4_the_soul travel_4_the_soul

    Love this! I adore the beach. I find the waves and sand put me at ease.

  • 34w ago kissingmydebtgoodbye kissingmydebtgoodbye

    I’m not a beach person either, and now that you say that, I guess it’s because I don’t like sitting around doing nothing! My husband loves the beach though, he likes to surf. We’ve not been in three years though.

  • 34w ago natdiscovers natdiscovers

    I enjoy the beach but not the sand that comes with it if you know what I mean lol

  • 34w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @jetsettingbritt Definitely enjoying it. We’ve been doing some sort of activity each morning and then changing to a more low key afternoon each day.

  • 34w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @wanderingredheadcher EXACTLY! We had a super long like 3 hour lunch break today to enjoy the shade and it was the perfect way to recharge.

  • 34w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @travel_4_the_soul Definitely love the sound of water! 🌊

  • 34w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @kissingmydebtgoodbye When we made that discovery we were like DUH! So far we’ve done some fishing and some snorkeling. And lots of walking. I’ve never surfed. I think I’d fall right off!

  • 34w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @natdiscovers I know EXACTLY what you mean. Haha. I took a shower and still feel a bit ocean-y.

  • 34w ago gingergoneglobal gingergoneglobal

    This looks perfect! I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip! ❤️

  • 34w ago findlovetravel findlovetravel

    I most certainly enjoy the beach but I don’t want to sit there for 3 hours every day. Instead I might want to visit 2-3 beaches for views in the same amount of time lol

  • 34w ago courtneygaye_travels courtneygaye_travels

    I typically am not at all a beach person, then I get near the coast and realise how much I love it! On our cruise, we were pretty much forced to relax - it was a lovely reminder to slow down and enjoy! This shot is so beautiful, I am so glad the two of you are having an amazing time! :)

  • 34w ago cat_macrae cat_macrae

    I adore the beach and I was there last week! It sounds like you guys are having the most amazing time and I hope it continues!!

  • 34w ago wavesoftravel wavesoftravel

    I get you. I like beaches where you can explore 🌊

  • 34w ago the.backpacker.girl the.backpacker.girl

    Well, I think I already established that I am a big fan of beach 😀 having said this, I am so in love with this photo ❤️❤️❤️

  • 34w ago thetravelingblondie thetravelingblondie

    Beach life is the best life! There’s so much to do near the ocean: swim, dive, snorkel, run, water sports-it’s endless! So happy you’re enjoying your time in Belize!

  • 34w ago lounagia lounagia

    I was there this afternoon, I'm totally a beach person but not a sun person so I usually go after 3 pm

  • 34w ago outofofficejunkie outofofficejunkie

    I love the beach .. its just so peaceful!! The last beach i visited was essaouria in October.. was lovely !!

  • 34w ago prismativegainsyou prismativegainsyou

    Check your DM requests when you can! :)

  • 34w ago giggles_healthy_life890 giggles_healthy_life890

    Awesome photo and caption. Love the shells 😊 I love the beach whether ocean or lake. Although the sound of the waves especially at night are my fav! Last beach I was at was Sugar beach a couple weeks again. Miss it already!

  • 34w ago kerrysomewhere kerrysomewhere

    I’m the same way! I can’t just sit around I always have to do something! 😀

  • 34w ago ohtheplacesshewillgo ohtheplacesshewillgo

    Beautiful job lining up the shot, I would love to have those sea shells to decorate my house

  • 34w ago robinaustinreed robinaustinreed

    Enjoyed this.

  • 34w ago sab.thenemophilist sab.thenemophilist

    such beautiful details! cute 🐚 and yes, love the beach

  • 33w ago epic7travel epic7travel

    Love the seashells in the foreground. I love being near the beach and water related activities. I just don't lie on the beach and sunbathe ☺️

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @20.everything Thanks Lindsay, it was such the perfect escape from winter.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @travelsbysam YES, us too. Hard to just sit around and stare.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @courtneygaye_travels I do love the sound of the waves and how clear the water looks.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @thesewilddreams I will say, the sound of waves crashing is so peaceful.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @wavesoftravel For sure!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @the.backpacker.girl Aw, thanks Ana! Me too. :)

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @thetravelingblondie Yes! Once we got down to it we could have spent even more time there and had more to do!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @lounagia That’s a good call. We usually took a really long lunch to get out of the sun from about noon-3pm and then headed back out.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @outofofficejunkie I’ve not heard of that beach! I’ll have to look it up!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @giggles_healthy_life890 YES - something about the sound of waves is so calming. We could hear // see it from our balcony and enjoyed eating at places on the beach too so we could soak it all up.

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @kerrysomewhere Luckily there was plenty for us to do!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @ohtheplacesshewillgo Thank you Shannon!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @sab.thenemophilist Thank you Sab!

  • 33w ago 15minutes_late 15minutes_late

    @epic7travel We’re the exact same way. We had so much fun snorkeling and fishing.


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