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Instagram post by @rikka_elliott #bebraveorgohome


  • 4w ago _chevy_guy _chevy_guy

    Do u worry about product failure or anything like that on open blends.. Just curious.. my shop is against them.. idc either way but only on like a qrter to fender...

  • 4w ago rikka_elliott rikka_elliott

    @_chevy_guy no the body line is sharp you could fine line it if you wanted, but i soft paint edged and cleared up to it and 3000 on the small edge, nothing is going to happen on this edge as there’s no blend clear or thinner edges

  • 3w ago _chevy_guy _chevy_guy

    Cool good technique was just curious I've suggested stuff like this before to my shop but then they won't warranty it

  • 3w ago rikka_elliott rikka_elliott

    @_chevy_guy i don’t see this any different to you painting doors on and foaming/soft edging the jams and and getting that edge,

  • 3w ago sonofamerica sonofamerica


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