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  • 33w ago alpine_trekking alpine_trekking

    i appreciate your nice pictures - please like and comment on ours also

  • 33w ago johnafshari johnafshari


  • 33w ago lulus_salsa lulus_salsa

    @johnafshari 😊

  • 33w ago wine.gini wine.gini

    love your feed!😊I invite you also in my page for a glass of wine❀️!!!

  • 33w ago kikishihtzu kikishihtzu

    Is that garlic?

  • 33w ago lulus_salsa lulus_salsa

    @kikishihtzu Hi yes, it's pickled in apple cider vinegar, this particular one is 3 years aged.. I make it in the traditional Persian way.. It's so delicious with smoked fishπŸ˜‹ if you want me to DM you the recipe let me know and I will k😊


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