Instagram post by @terrymckelliff Terry Mckelliff

Pasta sauce farm style


  • 8w ago jasmine_islagrace jasmine_islagrace

    That looks delicious

  • 8w ago terrymckelliff terrymckelliff

    @jasmine_islagrace hi jasmine yeah just spoke to crystal I said she and Tom should be here lol she's on the way to work 😞

  • 8w ago laurie.scarfo laurie.scarfo

    Don't forget the chilli 🌶

  • 8w ago giggie1 giggie1

    Yum send me the recipe if u can id love to make that 🤗 💜 u xx missed you sat night ill have to come for a drive for a visit on the wkend..

  • 8w ago terrymckelliff terrymckelliff

    @giggie1 yeah I'll give you a ring tell you how I do it ok love to you and the kids from uncle Terry ❤️

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