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Lets see how creative and artsy, I can still be! #colorpens #oilpastel #fabercastell #colors


  • 33w ago thecardinalzen thecardinalzen

    Would love to see your art!

  • 33w ago l3titrh3in3 l3titrh3in3

    @thecardinalzen I wouldnt count on it being artsy! Hahahaha

  • 33w ago 1340simone 1340simone

    Did you create this art? Are you interested in showing your artwork on our 1340art page? For more information. Please click the link in our bio.

  • 33w ago thecardinalzen thecardinalzen

    @l3titrh3in3 as long as you express yourself, it's alright...your creation is what matters.


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