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Went to the Big Bad Wol f Book Fair after my client meeting and I must say it was pretty overwhelming. I was practically drowning with the abundant selection of books! It was also a bit exhausting as my friend and practically walked around the halls of WTC for more than 3 hours.

Though, Im rather happy with my finds. Also, it was good to discover new authors and I'll be looking forward to this event again next year!
If you're looking for fantastic coffee table books on a variety of topics, this is the perfect place to shop for them!
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  • 29w ago nelderco nelderco

    Yo nice pic 🤙🏻

  • 29w ago winniee_kee winniee_kee

    I was there too. It was really hard to squeeze into the crowd and everybody were pushing. People were fighting for the books especially on the Fiction sides.

  • 29w ago l3titrh3in3 l3titrh3in3

    @winniee_kee yeah, the fiction area was crazy. Some people came in groups and they were a bit rowdy especially in the young adult section.


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