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  • 30w ago gloom_nd_doom gloom_nd_doom

    @punkanarchistandpissed you fucking ignorant bitch oh my god my mind is blown at your fucking stupidity OH MY GODDSSSDFFF MY FU K

  • 29w ago muddbutt2017 muddbutt2017

    @mowtallica her net worth is 5mill

  • 29w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @muddbutt2017 oh yeah I forgot, once you hit a certain degree of wealth you can't be punk rock anymore. Thanks for clarifying the rules.

  • 29w ago muddbutt2017 muddbutt2017

    @mowtallica you were speculating on how much money she makes a year as a”working class punk” and I’m just letting you know. Why so defensive? You buy a studded jacket off her instead of doing it yourself or something?

  • 29w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @muddbutt2017 it remains true in the sense that she earns her money. Clearly she's working. This post is work. If I had a bunch of money I would have every gg allin shirt ever made, doesn't take away from how much I REALLY like gg allin.

  • 29w ago lord.fecal lord.fecal

    @mowtallica lmao dude..

  • 29w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @666_shades_of_shit... I know

  • 29w ago muddbutt2017 muddbutt2017

    @mowtallica NON SEQUITUR!!!!😂 not everyone who works is working class. Trump has a job too but I’m guessing you would put him in a class other than “working”.

  • 29w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @muddbutt2017 did I just get hit with a DI reference while getting my own political bias ousted in a perfect effort to flip my own words on myself?

  • 29w ago muddbutt2017 muddbutt2017

    @mowtallica burnin’ another straw man eh? You really have a knack for missing the point. I wouldn’t know what your political biases are and I haven’t flipped anything. Just calling out your twisted logic. I really wasn’t referencing anything but here’s one I’m certain you’ll appreciate...bite it, you scum @antelopetortilla

  • 29w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @muddbutt2017 wow. You're just as mainstream as her. Way to Google gg allin 👍 I was trying to say that you're right. You flipped my logic on me. You couldn't even take the win like a man. We could keep going, but just know I kill everything I fuck

  • 28w ago muddbutt2017 muddbutt2017

    @mowtallica yeah, I don’t doubt that. I’m sure you’re killin’ that right hand all day long. I thought she was “working class punk”? “Mainstream punk”is an oxymoron so now you’re calling her a poser after all the time you spent defending her from all the other people calling her one. Why don’t you put your dick down and pick up a book. It’s probably not too late for you to learn how to think critically. @antelopetortilla

  • 28w ago mowtallica mowtallica

    @muddbutt2017 it was a gg allin reference. I'm a married graduate student. Yeah, now I'm calling her a poser. I'm also calling you a poser. I'm also a poser. You're a tweaker, that's the difference. ✌

  • 28w ago angelordevilyoudecide angelordevilyoudecide

    @the__thirst seriously ???? Lmfao

  • 28w ago angelordevilyoudecide angelordevilyoudecide

    Smh...she too squeaky clean for starters.. since when is any punk so fkn perfectly presented ???

  • 28w ago trashy.trash.spam trashy.trash.spam

    *tries way too hard to be hardcore* 😂😂

  • 27w ago zack.rl zack.rl

    What's the song name? Like not the band the song

  • 25w ago gutfuker gutfuker

    @gemma_reigns literally shut the fuck up

  • 25w ago gemma_reigns gemma_reigns

    @gutfuker I'll give you my address. Let's see how hard you are in person keyboard "warrior"

  • 25w ago gutfuker gutfuker

    @gemma_reigns time and place

  • 25w ago gemma_reigns gemma_reigns

    @gutfuker nah I don't fight ugly fuckers actually 😂 would feel bad if I made you uglier

  • 25w ago gemma_reigns gemma_reigns

    @gutfuker but keep on with the keyboard warrior stuff!! You've got a a great future ahead of you!!!!

  • 25w ago gutfuker gutfuker

    @gemma_reigns yes. Please assume I strike fights on Instagram posts because I'm ugly and have no life.

  • 25w ago gutfuker gutfuker

    @gemma_reigns Oh And While We Are Making Remarks On Each others looks, your cheeks are really big and give you a great smile and your eyes are really pretty

  • 23w ago nosanctuaryfries nosanctuaryfries

    @michael_bloodletter hahaha AGREED!!!

  • 23w ago nosanctuaryfries nosanctuaryfries

    @michael_bloodletter hahaha, This chick doesnt know what punk is!

  • 22w ago baptized_in_shit baptized_in_shit

    Why just why!!!!!????

  • 21w ago mini_scene_art mini_scene_art

    Very cool! A metal bat would work better though🖤 it'd break more :)

  • 20w ago c.j._cortes c.j._cortes

    I just fell in love 💞😎 @erin_micklow

  • 20w ago janismichal janismichal


  • 20w ago amberlynn12 amberlynn12

    @addicted2trioxin of course she responded that way. When she could of said it from the start lol. Trying to redeem herself

  • 19w ago brittfabulous brittfabulous

    Frick yo I would have taken that!!!

  • 17w ago rat__trash__ rat__trash__

    try destroying that record player in a record shop.

  • 2d ago sick__grrrl sick__grrrl

    @stwp1d tenta nao sentir vergonha alheia

  • 2d ago stwp1d stwp1d

    @sick__grrrl kkkkjkkkklkkllkklllllll parece q tá tentando matar pernilongos

  • 2d ago sick__grrrl sick__grrrl

    @stwp1d se essa escrota quebra um toca discos na minha frente eu nem sei do q eu sou capaz


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