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🌟FREEDOM🌟can you imagine what it must be like to accept yourself? Can you imagine what your brain and heart could do if they weren’t consumed with the texture and size of your thighs and stomach? Can you believe that if you stop the self hate you won’t binge but maybe your weight would be stable and healthy and you might feel happier? I know I used to feel terrified of letting go of control and feeling self acceptance as I thought the minute I unclenched I’d eat ALL THE DONUTS but that wasnt the case at all. But I still return to bad habits mentally - I still fall back into a shitty familiar place of scathing self criticism - the type of which I would not dream of ever thinking about someone else. When I think my daughter could one day think that about breaks my heart into a million pieces....Not On My Watch. I’ll do everything I can to prevent that and it starts with me. And this film is a beautiful way to right those wrong messages I’ve absorbed for three decades. Show this to everyone you possibly can. It’s medicine. #body #idonthavetimeforselfhate #health


  • 13w ago pepe_le_few pepe_le_few

    I think you're bloody brilliant Cherry. Utterly fab. We all have these ridiculous thoughts and anxieties and it IS utterly shitty. Here's to thinking and feeling unshitty. And printing tshirts saying unshitty.

  • 13w ago catrionamcraig catrionamcraig

    @gmr1983 this is the film we saw last year. It was so good! X

  • 13w ago elenamorgan1 elenamorgan1

    Can we watch @charlotteschreurs

  • 13w ago gmr1983 gmr1983

    @catrionamcraig was so good! x

  • 13w ago hennifers hennifers

    So interesting what you say. I started off reading it thinking well I’m ok with my self criticism because I need improving, then as I got to your comment about your daughter and thought of my own little girl thinking she needed improving I felt sick. Sad we can only see it when it relates to other people 😶

  • 13w ago marnaboyne marnaboyne

    Ive managed to get over the urge to diet. But I can't imagine ever being happy with how I look. And that's incredibly sad

  • 13w ago johnwinstonlennonbeatle johnwinstonlennonbeatle

    Thank you

  • 13w ago themenopausecollective themenopausecollective

    Love this

  • 13w ago jo_brows jo_brows


  • 13w ago elinsk87 elinsk87

    Thank you @cherryhealey for recommending this beautiful film! I’m in tears!

  • 13w ago lansleylj lansleylj

    Can't wait to watch this thank you x

  • 13w ago bodyimagemovement bodyimagemovement

    Thanks so much @cherryhealey I’m so thrilled you love Embrace , it was created out of love for my daughter and yes ‘not on my watch’ either!! Xxxx

  • 13w ago elliemy97 elliemy97

    @cherryhealey I’m currently making a documentary on female body image for my dissertation, inspired by the documentaries you made for BBC3. @bodyimagemovement I’ve just finished watching this film sends such an important message, so inspiring!xxx

  • 12w ago danasantiago danasantiago


  • 12w ago penwizard penwizard

    Hey Cherry! We’ve sent you a DM, please take a look if you’ve got a min! Thank you 😊Xx

  • 12w ago enyameoz enyameoz

    Love your message and your legacy x

  • 12w ago flitemotions flitemotions

    Love it! 💜

  • 12w ago afarmerandawife afarmerandawife

    Absolutely brilliant. Laughed and cried and just loved it. #ihaveembraced @bodyimagemovement @cherryhealey thank you 🙏🏼

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