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Here’s another one on the theme of assisting/adjustments. Just as my own practice is continuously evolving and going through a process of exploration, experimentation and refinement - so too is my teaching style and the way I assist - as I draw from new experiences and influences. The “Scorpion” assist is a good example of that. In the past I would more or less do the work of the student by “putting” them into the pose. But what I have found is that while this feels good for the student, it very rarely teaches them how to do it themselves. Working with my amazing wife @deepikamehtayoga is a good case in point. The time has come now where she is ready to “own” this one, but there are many things going on in this movement, as she finds her way to gain more control of the balance so that she can then start to reach full control of her end range hip and spinal extension, combined with ankle (plantar) and knee flexion. With this approach and her dedication and hard work ethic I know she will be doing this alone in the not so distant future. Watch this space 🦂🦂🦂.


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