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Comment your thoughts on the reunion!! #rhom #rhomelbourne #arenatv


  • 34w ago jopastras jopastras

    Sally was only defending herself she still is classy and gorgeous when you just are fed up had enough words come out that you never say as your angry !! I think your classy and gorgeous all the way sally !! Hold your head high xoxo

  • 34w ago antonellad1970 antonellad1970

    Lydia is Gina's puppet, finishing her sentences. Just shut up🤐🤐Gina use to be my favorite, but if she can't have sympathy for Sally who's lost her husband, then my why make a big whooo ha about the girls not attending her fathers funeral during the series. 2 rules girlfriend😜

  • 34w ago 64susanneill 64susanneill

    Gina is absolutely disgusting. If i ran the show i wouldnt ask her back she is a disgrace to the female raceWho died & put her in charge good on you Sally dont put up with that

  • 34w ago thefashion_nerd thefashion_nerd

    When is it going to air in the USA?

  • 34w ago katpapy katpapy

    Jacquie's comment to Lydia about getting a job was the biggest load of sh##t. Raising 3 children IS a full time job.

  • 34w ago therealmissjimi therealmissjimi

    Cringeworthy TV!!! Both Sydney and Melbourne are now the worst of the Real Housewives franchise.

  • 34w ago f4rbs f4rbs

    I loved when Jackie called out lydia on her new business venture which she gets kitchen hands to do most of the work on her cooking classes haha what a load of crap. Lydia, do something good for the world !!

  • 34w ago grandto5 grandto5

    USA USA PLEASE show in the USA‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • 34w ago rachjames08 rachjames08

    Its a show with grown women with revolting mouths worse then teenage girls!! Really just like to watch them have fun and laugh rather than put each other down! Its just disgusting

  • 34w ago 4katz4kidz 4katz4kidz

    Embarrassing!!! Disgusting!!! Disgraceful!!!

  • 34w ago gorgeousglamnnails gorgeousglamnnails

    I don't care 4 Lydia or Gina or Venus all they do is bitch about the other ppl in the group. GINA is a bully . the way she shut down the long blonde hair one not Janet the other one who's married Rick. How sweet was her singing to him i cried when they spoke at the end. Reunion if this its like to have gfs i don't want em. Friends back each other defend them no matter wht. But the host was on point w them

  • 34w ago gorgeousglamnnails gorgeousglamnnails

    Venus is off this planet her daughters b day was completely about her and the way these women bicker anywhere . This isnt how ladies conduct themselves or behave in anyway. Venus is as fake as her plastic surgery and clearly is too defensive regarding certain topics ie Hubby and those sketchy photos when she was lying

  • 34w ago bonnorjay bonnorjay

    We het delayed coverage can't wait to watch the reunion

  • 34w ago jane_mahoney jane_mahoney

    Love this show cause it just reinforces the fact that money can not, and does not, buy class !! My children would disown me if I behaved like this !!!

  • 34w ago kate_wesley18 kate_wesley18

    @jopastras I totally agree

  • 34w ago kate_wesley18 kate_wesley18

    @antonellad1970 I've lost some respect for Gina after this series. Shame I really liked her but her behaviour towards Sally was absolutely hideous!

  • 34w ago kate_wesley18 kate_wesley18

    Lol mine too

  • 34w ago che19712 che19712

    Is the guy stoned🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 33w ago live_love_laugh_passion live_love_laugh_passion

    @gina__n 👍

  • 31w ago kerriscrow kerriscrow

    What channel do u watch this on?

  • 30w ago morris.glenda morris.glenda

    ive view a few segments, definitely not Ladies & bizarre concept of friendship! filthy mouthed, no less than disgraceful.

  • 27w ago warriors_world_2018 warriors_world_2018

    When are they being shown in the usa?

  • 27w ago warriors_world_2018 warriors_world_2018

    @grandto5 When Are They Showing In USA?

  • 25w ago brucy328 brucy328

    We want you back in the USA. Please!

  • 22w ago lio_1009 lio_1009

    Oh god, please Import Andy, Alex, you don’t Day a word and are the crappest host for this show! I can’t believe you don’t say a word! What’s the point!

  • 17w ago julieannemcfall julieannemcfall

    Love gamble ! Gina is a man in drag and Lydia looks like she has ate a house. Not nice women at all . Money can’t buy class ladies !! Bring back chyka

  • 17w ago chrisfinlay20 chrisfinlay20

    Loving new show in the UK just found out that Lady Venus is a fraud easy buying a plot of land and call yourself Lord and Lady, Gamble is fun funny and a great nut, Gina is a nasty woman who is a drag

  • 17w ago paula.skydog paula.skydog

    Poor Gina have you all forgotten she lost her dad !! She look hurt and putting on a brave face not one of them apart from Lydia was there remember!!!! She is letting them know she was hurt her way ! So it's ok when they attack each other but when Gina is trying to react out her way she is a nasty person shame on you all

  • 16w ago tinkerbell_blu tinkerbell_blu

    Gina u vile awful horrid bully

  • 16w ago paula.skydog paula.skydog

    What makes me laugh Janet can be really rude about Lydia eating yet her bestie Jackie is always eating double standards !!

  • 16w ago michelle_01grimes michelle_01grimes

    Throwing around the word bully is very strong. Gamble is needy and a joke always playing the victim

  • 16w ago dorothyattwood dorothyattwood

    Gina is such a sad bitch!

  • 16w ago sarah_tatters sarah_tatters

    @paula.skydog and she's piled weight on lol 😂

  • 15w ago paula.skydog paula.skydog

    @michelle_01grimes totally agree Janet gamble and Sally are vile ! Double standards and Sally just trying too hard !@

  • 15w ago karen121b karen121b

    Love Gina and Lydia don’t understand Sally she just tried to stir the pot Venus was great too

  • 15w ago lucy__willis lucy__willis

    Gina you should be ashamed of yourself... Lidiot you're a joke

  • 15w ago lucy__willis lucy__willis

    Sally you're amazing

  • 14w ago vigurs vigurs

    Omg I can’t stand Gina

  • 13w ago flamefox5640 flamefox5640

    I cant watch reunion. The host is so repulsive looking

  • 8w ago tracyjayone tracyjayone

    Just finished watching season 4 I hope Sally isn't in the next series can't stand the woman how someone hasn't punched her by now I will never know!!


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