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Yes. I did just buy a dead 2006 Mini Cooper S. Going to shoot a few videos with it an pass it on to my oldest son. #minicooper


  • 42w ago frez_knee frez_knee

    Is it manual tho?

  • 42w ago enavy58 enavy58

    One of those cars that is fun to look at and drive. Definitely NOT fun to work on. Every inch of space takes up multiple systems. And YOU have access to everything. 🤔

  • 42w ago dennisharbin dennisharbin

    Replace the timing chain, guides & water pump and do a video.

  • 42w ago kelvin_gomersall kelvin_gomersall

    These eat steering racks. Enjoy in the mean time though. 👌

  • 42w ago benberndl benberndl

    Gotta take those stickers off first!

  • 42w ago irodetheshortbus irodetheshortbus

    Burn those stickers on the back glass.

  • 42w ago paulmurphy1975 paulmurphy1975

    Is your first video going to be you scraping those horrid stickers off the back?

  • 42w ago finandfeatherphotography finandfeatherphotography

    love those bumperstickers!

  • 42w ago nickstrawz22 nickstrawz22

    Stick? @ericthecarguy

  • 42w ago h00t0nberg h00t0nberg

    Minis are a lot of fun! This made me extremely happy to see pop up in my feed 😁

  • 42w ago rfewing rfewing

    My dads 07 has oil leaks like crazy

  • 42w ago island03z island03z

    Pretty fun car when it works. Oil leaks and passenger seat airbag sensor seems like common issues. Also the water pump and thermostat housings are plastic and should be replaced every 60k

  • 42w ago timlav timlav

    @ericthecarguy my son and I have been big fans of yours since the old shop. He’s 11 now, and thanks to you we have done a lot of work on cars together. This summer I bought myself a 2010 Cooper S hardtop/manual with 42,000 miles. As he and I pulled out of the lot, I told him I didn’t buy the car for me, I bought it for him. We have a few years and a build plan to make it a real cool first car.

  • 42w ago benito_dones benito_dones

    U should give him the integra

  • 42w ago cptn.ahmad93 cptn.ahmad93

    @benito_dones eh a teenager w/ an integra? Let’s keep the integra stock 😂

  • 42w ago italianboi1994_f22 italianboi1994_f22

    Fucking negative ass people @ericthecarguy I think that's a great idea for you to do that for your son and love the videos man wen I open a mechanic shop in the future I'm gonna mention you bc you showed me everything ik with Honda's and a couple different cars 👍

  • 42w ago zherbst zherbst

    I’d like to pick one of those up myself, @ericthecarguy Seems they’re usually pretty cheap. Good luck with it. Personally love the bumper stickers, as well. Look forward to your posts about it. That’d be a fun first car for your kid!

  • 42w ago plf12e plf12e

    Dead battery... That's all

  • 42w ago george.luckner george.luckner

    First upgrade... get rid of those stickers

  • 42w ago jathens7 jathens7

    Eric, what cars do you recommend for a 17-year-old first time driver?

  • 42w ago mrtony500 mrtony500

    Good luck on the oil change 😂

  • 42w ago simoncoles81 simoncoles81

    Eric, make sure you install a catch can or do the PCV delete mod, or you'll be cleaning carbon deposits out of the head every 6 months

  • 42w ago tim_with_the_hyundai tim_with_the_hyundai

    Please for the sake of humanity burn those stickers

  • 42w ago kevins67mustang kevins67mustang

    Is that the model with the turbo? Also I heard that the intake manifold has an issue with carbon build up, how would you address that issue?

  • 42w ago simoncoles81 simoncoles81

    @kevins67mustang catch can or PCV delete mod is the usual solution

  • 42w ago kevins67mustang kevins67mustang

    @simoncoles81 well if and that's big IF I had to own one I'll go with that catch can.

  • 42w ago bud_the_wiseone bud_the_wiseone

    @jathens7 corollas or civics, they're cheap and plentiful

  • 42w ago simoncoles81 simoncoles81

    @kevins67mustang thing I never understood is that catch cans are an almost standard part of any after market turbo installation and yet from the factory many turbocharged cars lack the most basic protection against excessive oil ingestion.

  • 42w ago kevins67mustang kevins67mustang

    @simoncoles81 it might be that manufacturer's are trying to save money on there end and cut the cost down maybe from the asking price. Also it can be a possibility for the manufacturer to void the warranty if they see a mod. on that car. This is just speculation on my part.

  • 42w ago hmartani hmartani

    @paulmurphy1975 we actually need a how to remove old stickers from cars.

  • 42w ago simoncoles81 simoncoles81

    @kevins67mustang i know a lot of it has to do with environmental regulations - some countries don't allow catch cans because that excess oil vapor is supposed to be burned in the engine, not collected. But I presume most people with catch cans would dispose of the oil they collect in a responsible manner as fines for illegal disposal of oil are very hefty.

  • 42w ago l0rdvadr l0rdvadr


  • 42w ago paulriches paulriches


  • 42w ago maethemorrisminor maethemorrisminor

    @bud_the_wiseone corolla - I've had mine for 20 years, nothing kills them 😊 and mine has never let me down.

  • 42w ago suicidaljellybaby suicidaljellybaby

    @ericthecarguy one step closer to some bmw action in your shop 😊😂

  • 42w ago siameseclint siameseclint

    I like those 1st gen re-issue mini coopers. They are fun cars.

  • 42w ago socalauto760 socalauto760

    Fun little car. Not too bad to work on.

  • 42w ago organico3939 organico3939

    @irodetheshortbus this is not about politics, we’re here for the car

  • 42w ago organico3939 organico3939

    @finandfeatherphotography we’re here for the car, not the politics

  • 42w ago statenislandmobilemechanic statenislandmobilemechanic

    Replace the front crank shaft seal and replace the thermostat/housing also run some seafoam thru the intake. That's the most common issues and like everybody said pcv delete or catch can.

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