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Running four rounds simultaneously under one roof. Optimal for production output- not so much for an ideal situation. Presenting difficulties with maintaining an effective IPM strategy was perhaps the most difficult aspect. We built an auxiliary deck on the back end of the house to help remedy the situation. It wasn’t easy- but it was efficient and productive. With restrictive plant counts and limited canopy spaces- we made it our mission to make the most out of the opportunity we were given. 66 plants, 1800 square feet. Almost 6 complete harvests per calendar year. #santacruzcannabiscompany #foreverflowering #bellsandwhistles #mmj #SFW #craftcannabis #organicfarmers #howitsmade #feedthesoil #cleanmedicine #topshelf #lifted #grind365 #cannabisculture #ganjafarmers #roots #clockwork #fuckcancer #seasofgreen #saynotopills #revolutionthroughpeacefulaction #dreamingthelife


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    You sure stay busy bee

  • 56w ago collegeparty collegeparty

    Check dm!

  • 56w ago santacruzcannabiscompany santacruzcannabiscompany

    @amannabis - I like to stay busy....unfortunately now I’m just twiddling my thumbs and spending way too much time on instagram.....itching to get back to work!!! It’s funny how legalization has been used as a prohibitive tool to stop so many from being productive members of this movement.....#fuckery #anybodyneedahand

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    @santacruzcannabiscompany I overstand! Some of us are starting to talk about new projects, innovative collabs etc. I’m going to be able to work on my nonprofit more now that my health is stabilizing 🙏🏼 I had to park my entities 2 years ago and do the cancer surgery/treatment train but it’s actually a very ripe Age we are embarking on despite the corruption of man. I hope stewards rise and paper chasers fall.

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    Love to see if #Whey2Grow 🌱🌱could curb IPM with the fermented whey & lactobacillus value. #feedthesoil #sclabs #envirocanncertified #ourpassionisgrowing

  • 56w ago santacruzcannabiscompany santacruzcannabiscompany

    @whey2growfertilizer - we may never know....broke this house down last autumn- these are just throwback vids and pics.....point is I wouldn’t suggest running congruent crops under one roof if it can be avoided- things were pretty much all good for the first couple of years, but once problems arise they tend to be more difficult to resolve when the round that is being harvested in a week is next to the round that just came in a little over a week ago.....anyhow.....✌️

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