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Instagram post by @babyariel Baby Ariel

bluesy 🌌☁️✨


  • 2w ago mystan.s mystan.s


  • 2w ago radd.raquell radd.raquell

    U should do a song like that

  • 2w ago babyariel_spain babyariel_spain


  • 2w ago spammyalexus spammyalexus

    You sound good with this type of music tbh

  • 2w ago simply._.sammie simply._.sammie

    At least better than you @myahhenrycheers

  • 1w ago myahhenrycheers myahhenrycheers

    @simply._.sammie hi Sammie,actually I do sing i do a lot of theatre I made an casting call when they needed a singer 300 people auditioned including adults and i got the part,I know what I’m talking about when it comes to talent she just doesn’t have it,everyone has a gift in this world and hers just isn’t singing

  • 1w ago myahhenrycheers myahhenrycheers

    Maybe I was a little rude for saying she can’t sing but on the other hand,I was just speaking my mind

  • 1w ago marsperahine marsperahine

    Omg your voice is good 😍

  • 1w ago lp_lk_e lp_lk_e

    @itsmadisonpalmer now you don’t know what to say now. Lol. It’s funny how 12 y/o kids make so many assumptions

  • 1w ago alexis_kneram alexis_kneram

    Such a beautiful voice ily!

  • 1w ago lorenangel___ lorenangel___

    Your voice is amazinggg

  • 1w ago codyfoster_13 codyfoster_13


  • 1w ago nikinoemiboss nikinoemiboss


  • 1w ago vapegum vapegum


  • 1w ago babyarielduh babyarielduh

    The voice of an angel

  • 1w ago babywolfe2007 babywolfe2007

    Can everyone stop hating. Please. If you don't like her voice thats ok its your opinion but please don't be spreading negativity. Anywho have a nice day♥

  • 1w ago baby._.ariels._.fanpage baby._.ariels._.fanpage

    U are amazing don’t let the hate get in ur way ❤️❤️❤️

  • 1w ago jennnnmuller jennnnmuller

    Listen your a fucking bitch stop saying ugly things about Ariel bitch please

  • 1w ago aliza2005.08 aliza2005.08

    Yaaaaass girlll

  • 1w ago dawncompton dawncompton

    @myahhenrycheers so how exactly do children and adults audition for the same part? You said 300 people including yourself, kids, and adults auditioned. Was it for a voiceover role in theatre or a live action part? Typically adults and children don’t audition for the same part, so if you auditioned for a part with adults you must have some powerful pipes

  • 1w ago dawncompton dawncompton

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it adorable when little kids get on Instagram and try to beef with each other like they are grown? Here’s a bit of free advice, if you are going to act like a grown up and beef with each other, you should probably skip the juvenile jabs. The “I think you have aids, well I’m pretty sure you have cancer” bit was a pretty clear indicator that you aren’t ready for grown up beef yet. And for the record, if you want to be treated like a big girl, act like one. Real Queens fix each other’s crowns, not tear them off. Do better.

  • 1w ago dawncompton dawncompton

    After seeing how tweens act online, I’m not sure I want my daughters to use social media at all now. Guess no one gave these girls the “with great power comes great responsibility” talk.

  • 1w ago eatmydumplings eatmydumplings

    @dawncompton lmao you don’t get the joke honestly. memes and jokes about cancers have been around for a very long time. Plus, its been a very freaking long time that I haven’t even got back in here, I even forgot what the fuck did I comment. If you’re this mature enough, why bring the old “beef” and starting it again? Are you sure that we are tweens? I’m 16. Does that mean I’m a tween? Lol. I tried not to look back at my old “beef” with someone. But then there’s always gonna be this one annoying person that tries to make me remember it. OH PLEASE STOP.

  • 1w ago eatmydumplings eatmydumplings

    @dawncompton I was asking if she was ok. But then she said she’s ok and asked me how I am. I’m v ok and thought she wasn’t ok because of her weird comment. Then said from my username I have aids. That’s what bothers me, so I fight back, sorry not sorry. Hate to break it to you that I don’t like someone that brings up this old convo honestly leave it behind

  • 1w ago myahhenrycheers myahhenrycheers

    @dawncompton it was an audition for an agency company and 300 people auditioned,so the agent can get you in things to help you pursue a singing career they picked one kid\teen,and adult,and I was one of them.Maybe I was wrong for saying she can’t sing but that’s how I felt,I was simply speaking my mind,I’m sorry for coming out rude.

  • 1w ago dawncompton dawncompton

    @myahhenrycheers you don’t have to apologize to me, doll. That was your opinion. You owe me nothing.

  • 1w ago dawncompton dawncompton

    @eatmydumplings no one said you had to.

  • 1w ago brooke__rollins brooke__rollins

    You sound better without auto tune😍

  • 1w ago yasminhanan__ yasminhanan__

    My ears are blessed

  • 5d ago kami_love_08 kami_love_08

    Ur good

  • 5d ago queen.baby.ariel.edits queen.baby.ariel.edits

    You singggg goood. I love you

  • 5d ago laylam._.12 laylam._.12


  • 4d ago yeimilen2721 yeimilen2721

    Majestic.girll ty

  • 3d ago gabby.03052018 gabby.03052018


  • 3d ago rushhal rushhal

    Mike Posner- Cooler Than Me?

  • 2d ago chhrriisstaa_ chhrriisstaa_


  • 4m ago itsssss.gabby itsssss.gabby

    Mmmhh girl I love your voice so much

  • 4m ago itsssss.gabby itsssss.gabby


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