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It’s been a while since I posted a #weightloss #transformationtuesday and since I’ve been feeling a little insecure lately I figured I needed a reminder of how far I’ve come.
The photo on the left was taken in 2011, just 2 years after graduating college at my lowest weight and best health at the time. When this photo was taken, I still saw the girl I was when I graduated in the mirror. I was depressed, unemployed and unmotivated and I was blind to the changes happening to my body. I had no energy, horrible acne and I was constantly sick. I put off exercise and diet because I thought I needed to get my life together first. It took looking at photos like this and not recognizing the girl in them for me to realize how bad things had gotten. In late 2011 I made the terrifying decision to take my body into my own hands and stop allowing my mental and financial state to dictate my health. It was a long and difficult journey and I struggled constantly along the way, but I refused to accept my life the way it was. Turning my health around affected every aspect of my life. I got sick less, my acne cleared up, I felt more motivated and confident and I was even able to take on more cosplay projects and get a job, ultimately leading to where I am today as a successful cosplayer and seamstress running my own business.
2017 was an extremely difficult year for me and I backtracked a bit on my health journey. I once again allowed depression to affect my health and stopped working out and eating right, gaining back a bit of weight. I’ve been extremely frustrated with myself for allowing that to happen but it’s important in those moments to remember how far you’ve come and that getting back on track is possible. If I can get to my ideal weight and fitness level once, I can do it again and I refuse to continue to allow my emotions and finances to control my body. I am in control of myself and I know first hand that loving yourself and caring for yourself is the first step to true happiness and success. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself, no matter what anyone else says.
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  • 47w ago bbydoll1979 bbydoll1979

    This is very inspirational and motivating...thank u for sharing your story @angiviper Your talents always amaze me and the world. You are an AWESOME lady! ❤

  • 47w ago areittiera areittiera

    Awww!! 😭😭✨✨✨ no problem!!

  • 47w ago gerikramerphotography gerikramerphotography

    Wow I thought we me standing next to you

  • 47w ago starlit.creation starlit.creation

    You are my thinspiration, lady. I'm down 50 pounds. Hopefully one day I can look half as good as you do.

  • 47w ago mg9maggie mg9maggie

    Love ❤❤❤

  • 47w ago wallisdoyle wallisdoyle

    Work it girl!

  • 47w ago princessleahpowell princessleahpowell

    You should totally to a blog of video on what you did! Because I’m in the same boat of looking at photos of myself and not recognizing me! Ive changed my diet and started working out but nothing seems to work even after months of trying 😩! I would love to hear your tips because GIRL #GOALS!

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @bbydoll1979 thank you for reading my story. It was scary to share something so personal but I’m glad it touched so many 💖

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @kate.r.fernandez omg you are too sweet! Thank you so much for your support and kind words and for reading my story 💖 I’m so glad it inspired you

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @gerikramerphotography none-sense Geri you’re beautiful

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @starlit.creation I’m honored to be an inspiration to you and I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! I am living proof that turning your life and health around are possible

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @mg9maggie 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @wallisdoyle 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @princessleahpowell I would love to but I always get scared because the program I followed is so controversial and I know people on YouTube tend to get preachy and judge mental and I’m self conscious enough as it is 😣 I’d be happy to send you info on the program I followed if you’re interested though, just shoot me a DM!

  • 47w ago vyrlemuse vyrlemuse


  • 47w ago mrfantasycosplay mrfantasycosplay

    You really are a super girl

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @vyrlemuse thank you!

  • 47w ago angiviper angiviper

    @mrfantasycosplay aw shucks ☺️💖

  • 46w ago eilio_tiberius eilio_tiberius


  • 46w ago angiviper angiviper

    @eilio_tiberius thank you 💖

  • 46w ago eilio_tiberius eilio_tiberius

    @angiviper I love seeing stories such as yours. For one it lets other people know their struggles are not just something they’ve dealt with. Secondly it gives hope & inspires. Thirdly it says a lot about your character that you will admit it and talk about it with the goal of helping others. Well done. #integrity.

  • 45w ago tcahmettansu tcahmettansu


  • 44w ago amber_of_arendelle amber_of_arendelle

    You have always been an inspiration to me 💗 Please never give up, never give in, and always keep fighting! I know how it is to feel you’ve slipped, but you’re still a stronger person that you used to be, and you should not lose sight of your progress.

  • 44w ago angiviper angiviper

    @amber_of_arendelle thank you so much for this babe 💖 I’ve definitely been struggling recently with frustrations at how far I stepped back but I’m trying hard to focus on how far I still have come from where I started 💪🏻

  • 43w ago amber_of_arendelle amber_of_arendelle

    @angiviper 😘💖👊🏻

  • 42w ago madpropps madpropps

    This is fantastic! Level 100 unlocked!

  • 42w ago angiviper angiviper

    @madpropps thank you! It was hard work but damn if it didn’t pay off

  • 42w ago madpropps madpropps

    @angiviper inspired!

  • 35w ago jonathanbelle jonathanbelle

    You go gurl

  • 35w ago angiviper angiviper

    @jonathanbelle 💪🏻 thank you so much! 💖

  • 31w ago caanimefandom caanimefandom

    Blessings 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • 31w ago angiviper angiviper

    @cristianoalvarezzz thank you 💖

  • 30w ago garycarpenter205 garycarpenter205

  • 30w ago angiviper angiviper

    @garycarpenter205 💖

  • 30w ago mauricelawrence8948 mauricelawrence8948

    Good job 🔥🔥💪

  • 30w ago angiviper angiviper

    @mauricelawrence8948 thank you so much!

  • 30w ago mauricelawrence8948 mauricelawrence8948

    @angiviper u welcome

  • 20w ago nerdtrekcosplay nerdtrekcosplay

    I know I'm going back a bit in your feed. I saw this pop up and where you were is where I'm at now. It's still a struggle. It's frustrating. And I'm trying to sort out the hard stuff. But seeing this and from others it's inspiring. It's a good kick in my ass

  • 20w ago angiviper angiviper

    @nerdtrekcosplay it was an uphill battle for sure and at times it felt impossible but if I can do it anyone can and I believe in you!

  • 20w ago angiviper angiviper

    @nerdtrekcosplay it was an uphill battle for sure and at times it felt impossible but if I can do it anyone can and I believe in you!

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