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Here’s a way to feel empowered!! Krav Maga!! These pictures may be posed, but I took classes from two different groups for a year. The techniques work and it’s a bad ass work out! It breeds confidence, a strong body and a strong mind...AND if nothing else, the ability to think rather than panic in a threatening situation! I took classes in NJ with @selfdefensenj. I gotta get back! #kravmaga #kravmagagirls #selfdefense #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #empowered #greatworkout #bridetobe #groomtobe #getinshape #weddinggoals #bodypositive #knifedefense #gundefense #bestshapeofmylife @loverly @3gracesbridal @weddingmagazine @wedding_bridetobride @weddingchicks @brides_style @brides @wedding_style @helainastoreyweddingdesign @panachenewyork @theskinnyconfidential #prayforpeace #love #lovemybody #beprepared #confidence


  • 38w ago tbwalvoord tbwalvoord

    Is this the Israeli self defense discipline? I feel like my gym offered these classes

  • 38w ago beautifulbridalstyles_lmd5440 beautifulbridalstyles_lmd5440

    @tbwalvoord yes! The Israeli military fighting and self defense system. It’s a fantastic work out. I learned great self defense. There were also “pressure tests,” which were stand in the middle of the room and one or more people attacked. The first couple of times, I froze. Then, after a few months of training, I started to react. Even if I didn’t use a precise technique, I reacted! I used some version of the techniques and I fought back! So, great work out and very empowering!

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  • 23w ago davidmitchellfineeventdesign davidmitchellfineeventdesign

    You are a total monster ! And a beautiful monster. LOL !!! Good to see you strapping strong !!😀

  • 22w ago beautifulbridalstyles_lmd5440 beautifulbridalstyles_lmd5440

    @stilllifeeventdesign ha! Thanks! Still following your work and still love it all!! Hope you are well!!

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