Instagram post by @rikka_elliott #bebraveorgohome


  • 38w ago kev.in67 kev.in67

    It looks like a crime scene 😂🚨

  • 38w ago keyser_soze1982 keyser_soze1982

    Gotta tape em to wall or drill in screw mine have done same in the past proper bastard

  • 38w ago jarrod.smith86 jarrod.smith86

    The new floor 😱😱

  • 38w ago rikka_elliott rikka_elliott

    @jarrod.smith86 it will wash off mate, taked the floor not long ago ha ha

  • 37w ago travis_autos travis_autos

    Someone needed to christen the new booth 😂😂👍👍

  • 37w ago cimacustoms cimacustoms

    I've learnt the hard way too.. mine are bolted to the bench 😂

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