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Instagram post by @space_witch666 Frances Bean Cobain

I hope they don’t have the internet wherever you are. I feel like that would be counterproductive. Regardless, Happy Birthday to an angel 👼


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  • 1w ago cmcseespider13 cmcseespider13

    Visited his bench the other day...so many visit everyday. Your mother's a user.

  • 1w ago noisegod_ noisegod_

    You know, i can see that he loves you so much from the way he look at you

  • 1w ago dontfuckwithqueens dontfuckwithqueens

  • 1w ago paitenamor paitenamor

    Trust me hun. He is watching you now as we speak . He is @lilpeep recarnated

  • 1w ago paitenamor paitenamor

    & planned his death was set up by his management company pressed fake pill he wanted to die for a PURPOSE

  • 1w ago paitenamor paitenamor


  • 1w ago sashawow1807 sashawow1807

    На это картине мы видем как Курт наблюдает за своей дочерью:)

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  • 1w ago gilligunz gilligunz

    Thank you

  • 1w ago r.i.p.kurtcobain r.i.p.kurtcobain


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  • 1w ago nap612 nap612

    Dig your dad’s Breeders shirt! 💖

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  • 1w ago ninakumar01 ninakumar01

    @kadambari_b 😍😭

  • 1w ago tiago_b_jesus tiago_b_jesus

    :’| a big hug from Portugal, Frances.

  • 1w ago debymuarre debymuarre


  • 1w ago kateepillar kateepillar

    He was and still is such a beautiful soul and so are you!!! I know it has to be the hardest on you but for some reason my heart aches for him too like I knew him like he was family or something lol he was a very very handsome man and your momma is a very beautiful women and between them both they created you! I love that you still cherish him whether he is here or not

  • 1w ago laura_eidotter laura_eidotter

    I'm pretty sure they do not have unnecessary things like WiFi in heaven but I'm sure they do have windows up there from which they can watch beloved humans in earth. 🌻

  • 1w ago evicka_clementinelovee evicka_clementinelovee

  • 1w ago solmuzzupappa solmuzzupappa

    @mathias_toval cryin

  • 6d ago mervekssz mervekssz

    God we miss him so so much 💔

  • 5d ago leyrerg leyrerg

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  • 5d ago brady_gazelle02 brady_gazelle02

    Found out I was born a day after Kurt and cried I wish it was the same day rip 😞

  • 5d ago __marije __marije

    @quillnerd I'm agree.

  • 5d ago __marije __marije

    @quillnerd the nirvana are the only one, and will be like this forever

  • 5d ago veevsgram veevsgram

    This is so... heartwarming. I spent part of my childhood and all of my teenage years listening to Nirvana. On March 2nd @davegrohlrp came to my city with @foofighters and I screamed and cried my heart out cuz I couldn't believe Kurt wasn't here too. Couldn't stop thinking about you, Frances Bean. I hope you have the good life he wanted for you.

  • 4d ago leogurrl242 leogurrl242

    You are a blessing @space_witch666 and your Dad would be so proud..not that I knew him or know you. Hope you can bring new creativity to entertainment line your Pops did for my generation. I miss it. #genx #nirvana #nevermind

  • 3d ago fransi3333 fransi3333

    @206radi11 😭😭❤️

  • 3d ago angr_p angr_p

    Love u forever Kurt ❤️

  • 2d ago alyssa_feldmann alyssa_feldmann


  • 17h ago kerri.2603 kerri.2603

    I was just now looking on tumblr too and there are a ton of people on there totally committed to Kurt and you too. They don’t get the art, they only look for the “edginess” so sad. We all miss him.

  • 13h ago brandon.fordosi brandon.fordosi

    Your father was a very special person, put on this earth for such a short time. He was one of the original voices of my generation. And millions will forever hold his best in their hearts and heads. As a Former Seattle resident I miss those times. Sending out positive vibes to you and your 😇pops.

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