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Working harder, coming back sooner 💪🏃


  • 13w ago paok_fans_gate4 paok_fans_gate4

    Don't give up @oekaddouri

  • 13w ago dim_b_malam dim_b_malam

    We are waiting for you!!!

  • 13w ago giannis_amlet giannis_amlet

    Αραξε εκει..με το πασο σου μπζιλε...

  • 13w ago giannismelidiss giannismelidiss

    Κανε κανα 3 μηνο αδερφε μεχρι 12 Μάιου να εισαι ετοιμος να παιξεις τον Ιουνιο

  • 13w ago yassinechk yassinechk

    allah y hawnek mon grand frere on love ❤❤❤❤❤ ce qui ne pas tu rends plus fort akhiii

  • 13w ago jorginhofrello jorginhofrello

    Nossa senhora ... que bafão 😂😂😂

  • 13w ago faronr961 faronr961

    Higuain cet ton frere

  • 13w ago panos_papastergiopoulos panos_papastergiopoulos

    good job omar⚫⚪👊👊👊

  • 13w ago pepe_reina23 pepe_reina23

    Ibiza peace!!😏🤪 🤔??@oekaddouri

  • 13w ago dimitriskanakoudhs dimitriskanakoudhs

    Stop go Markiz xd

  • 13w ago atlaslions_ atlaslions_

    @oekaddouri 👏👏❤💚

  • 13w ago andreas_ballis andreas_ballis


  • 13w ago fotis_lamp fotis_lamp

    Κατσε εκεί που εισαι καλα είμαστε 😂😂

  • 13w ago m4nd4r4s m4nd4r4s

    Comeback with a goal?? Maybe??

  • 13w ago gate4_toumpa_libre gate4_toumpa_libre

    we know what you can do. Many PAOK fans watch Serie A. And i remember you in Napoli and in Torino. You know who you are. Many of our fans dont have a clue about football. So dont listen to anyone. Come back stronger, and show to everyone why they should not speak. You have guts and i know it. This year with Razvan WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Good things are coning. Fill up with energy and make a big return. Forza Omar 💪⚪⚫

  • 13w ago gate4_toumpa_libre gate4_toumpa_libre

    Οσοι δεν εχετε ιδεα απο μπαλα και Ιταλικο πρωταθλημα δεν εχετε ιδεα τι παιχτης ειναι. Παλι κωλοτουμπες θα κανετε οπως κανατε με Βαρελα και ποσους αλλους στο παρελθον.... Εδω ειμαστε και θα το δουμε

  • 13w ago _errikoshatz _errikoshatz

    Ένα τρίμηνο ξεκουράσου και του χρόνου κάνε ότι θες

  • 13w ago sohaibsalamat sohaibsalamat

    @jorginhofrello Jorgiiii you're my idol ❤️❤️ big fan since you was at Verona .. dai vogliamo scudetto 💪🏻🔥🔥

  • 13w ago sara.spitali sara.spitali

    Ciaoooo Omar, comm stai bell

  • 13w ago janah.hicham janah.hicham

    Good luck

  • 13w ago salamon1991 salamon1991

    Occhio che cadi come qualche anno fa @oekaddouri 😂

  • 13w ago ashrafmerzouki49 ashrafmerzouki49

    Go hard bro nothing comes easy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • 13w ago mohammed_medooooo mohammed_medooooo

    Tu ne manque.👍👍👍👍👍

  • 13w ago siimo_92 siimo_92


  • 13w ago siimo_92 siimo_92

    @oekaddouri Tu ne manque dans équipe nationale 🇲🇦❤

  • 13w ago abdel_blach abdel_blach


  • 13w ago lions_ma_fierte lions_ma_fierte

    Follow us for more reposts

  • 13w ago corradonet corradonet

    Grande Omar qui sei da Mauro!

  • 13w ago harry_kara harry_kara

    Παιχταρα γυρνα ξανα με υγεια και δειξε ποσα κιλα μπαλα ξες

  • 13w ago oussama.doulfaqar oussama.doulfaqar


  • 13w ago b.boucks90 b.boucks90

    Force à toi Mon frero que dieu te facilite @oekaddouri

  • 13w ago panagiotis_bisi21 panagiotis_bisi21

    I wish to be back again and help us to win the championship forza PAOKARA @oekaddouri

  • 13w ago daviantonio3066 daviantonio3066

    Ciao omar

  • 12w ago zois_mono zois_mono

    Γύρνα Ιταλία

  • 12w ago ioannisntais ioannisntais

    Dai sei un grande gioccattore

  • 12w ago aristostsir aristostsir

    Next year is gonna be your year! You will prove how good of a player you are! Lets goooo☺☺🔝🔝🔜

  • 12w ago s_fromwine s_fromwine

    @salamon1991 esci subito il video di Omar che cade 😂😂😂

  • 12w ago ercan_akdeniz88 ercan_akdeniz88


  • 11w ago paok_fans_gate4 paok_fans_gate4

    Our hero is ready!!! @oekaddouri

  • 10w ago francescotorl francescotorl

    Porco dop

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