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  • 25w ago dabsnob423 dabsnob423

    Very nice, Tony 🙏🏼That doesn’t seem right though 😔

  • 25w ago tonykaras tonykaras

    @dabsnob423 yes I know....the wild bird season ends Jan 31st so you have to go with game farm birds to get the dogs polished up. Hope to see you today if the weather cooperates!

  • 25w ago dabsnob423 dabsnob423

    @tonykaras oh wow, I didn’t know that. I hope you still enjoyed it. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look promising today 🙏🏼Dave will keep you posted 💚

  • 24w ago dakindcanna dakindcanna

    Hope the dogs had fun

  • 24w ago zo6procharger zo6procharger

    Congrats! So much fun!


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