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Training taught me that our brains are designed to warn us about any form of threat and discomfort. That it will always be the first to give up. I never get to put it on, the way I do now. I always feel like stopping each CARDIO DAY. But I didn’t come this far, just to stop and give up. There’s something more than my discomfort. Each training day is a constant internal struggle, to sleep and stay comfy, or to get up, and keep going. Running with the team is really something else. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I can do 5k in 30mins. Thanks to these awesome people. Kaya pala lawit na dila ko kanina sa last sprint 😂😂😂 Hindi ko talaga normal yan kaya pagbigyan niyo na. Pasuko na yung utak ko, pero may isa pang madaldal, sabi niya, “Wag kang hihinto” Salamat @updragonboat! My heart is full this morning. 😊❤️💯🔥👊🏼😎 #training #dragonboat #startstrong #internalconversations #randomthoughts #innerthoughts #grind #keepgoing #focus #push #stayinthegame

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