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Find your inner peace you S O B !!!
#tranquility #still #water #om #peace
#OpieRadio #opieshow


  • 47w ago pfbennett pfbennett

    Definitely a joint smoking spot

  • 47w ago castiron_kyle castiron_kyle

    You’re fucking inspiring

  • 47w ago croc4u croc4u

    Hell yeah! Just got home from Bermuda this afternoon... Recharged

  • 47w ago og8184me og8184me

    Peace among world's 😆

  • 47w ago dnece dnece


  • 47w ago amandacomer_ amandacomer_

    Miss listening to your show. I had a weird dream last night about Carl and Sherrod (and some others) involving drinks, cigs, a hot tub and a huge RV.

  • 47w ago tommystanford78 tommystanford78

    Don’t tell me what to do, OP!

  • 47w ago lovedogpiggie lovedogpiggie

    Please stop putting show near your name. There is no show until you stop being a stalled out frightened baby victim. WTF man!? Fortitude lapse.

  • 47w ago vasilis.o.megas vasilis.o.megas

    @opieradio easier said than done.

  • 47w ago mentalray5 mentalray5

    Scoping some fishing spots?

  • 47w ago tklotz13 tklotz13

    Go f yourself! Get back on radio with the guys!

  • 47w ago timmayrich timmayrich

    Bits going nowhere. Take some calls.

  • 47w ago dankolinski_realtor dankolinski_realtor

    It's a constant struggle

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