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#CPHMondays: You can’t beat being in the middle of Copenhagen with a perfect school yard picnic table, a nice flat bar, and some of the best skateboarders in the world.


  • 4w ago a_man1979 a_man1979

    @theboardr When the hell did Bowl-A-Rama Pro Final go from a 4,000 point event to a 2,000 point event?? The broadcast was pay-per-view this year, and the winner walked away with 15 Grand. I'm referring to your Global Rank Point Value on your website.

  • 4w ago sambarrossk8 sambarrossk8

    @theboardr Bowl-A-Rama Pro Semifinals were given a Global Rank Point Value of 500, the SAME as Valentine's Day Massacre for children 8 and under... , and the Old Man Bowl Jam for dudes 50 and over... , and the Australian Skateboarding League (only for South Australia) in the 12 and under competition... ???????? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? I thought your scoring was legit. What a fool I am.

  • 4w ago theboardr theboardr

    @sambarrossk8 they’re the semis, add up quals, semis, and Finals and that’s the real point value you get for doing well. Don’t panic!

  • 4w ago theboardr theboardr

    @a_man1979 the field of skaters was not as good as prior years, attendance seems to be not growing, so we reduced points to allocate to that one

  • 4w ago theboardr theboardr

    @a_man1979 oh and you also get points for the quals and semis so it didn’t go down that much

  • 4w ago a_man1979 a_man1979

    @theboardr I'm sorry, but that's just false. Last 3 contests, Schaar 3 podiums, Schwan 2 podiums, Juneau 2 podiums. Bucky also made it 2 years ago. They were all there. Because Schaar, Schwan, and Juneau have made multiple podiums, they don't compete until semifinals, and 500 points for a semi and finals victory is not the same as an 800 point final victory. Again, I'm sorry for the harshness, but it makes zero sense what you have done.

  • 4w ago ethnoboosts ethnoboosts


  • 4w ago sambarrossk8 sambarrossk8

    @theboardr Just disappointed. Like @a_man1979 said, the top Bowl-A-Rama skaters were there. I know guys like Alex and Pedro are Park masters, but recently they haven't made an impact at this contest. Guys like Clay Kreiner, Jedd McKenzie, and Rune Glifberg have made the Bowl-A-Rama finals the last two years. And I don't know what you mean by a non-growing attendance. The place looked packed for the final to me. It just looks like Keegan Palmer got the Jake Yanko treatment (Btw, I like Jake. Want to see him in big contests).

  • 4w ago theboardr theboardr

    @a_man1979 sorry you disagree, but thanks for checking out our site. See you around out there.

  • 3w ago brandonknowless brandonknowless

    @theboardr can you give the man some damn points before his head explodes . @sambarrossk8 chill the fuck out

  • 3w ago theboardr theboardr

    @sambarrossk8 I don’t mean the crowd, I mean the attendance of skaters in the contest. What’s the Jake Yanko treatment?

  • 3w ago sambarrossk8 sambarrossk8

    @theboardr Not many opportunities to win $15,000.00 If they thought they could win, they would have shown up. Keegan Palmer beat Tom Schaar, Jono Schwan, Clay Kreiner, Bucky Lasek, Cory Juneau, etc, in the semis and got as many points as Jake Yanko at a Grind For Life contest...

  • 3w ago downwitoppunome downwitoppunome

    @theboardr Back to the drawing board, boys. 4,000 F, 2,000 S, and 1,000 Q should suffice for Australia's biggest skateboarding contest. I cut each step in half like VPS does.

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