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The #FairmontProject is more ‘done’ than it’s ever been and it feels great. I’m far from finished, but I do enjoy the feeling of ‘A Job Well Done’. How about you? Have you completed any jobs recently or in the past that you feel good about?


  • 8w ago quadcoreamd89 quadcoreamd89

    Hell yeah man! Looking forward to seeing what comes of the Fairmont. As for me, just did a power steering pump on a Silverado and a clutch on an Elantra. Feels good! Like a doctor healing a patient.

  • 8w ago desmond.rowland desmond.rowland

    I got my shoes tied the other day.

  • 8w ago joolian.r joolian.r

    Just finished rebuilding the engine on my supra with a couple upgrades. I'm not a mechanic but I just read and learn and did everything myself I'm very proud of myself. Eric you're videos have gave me alot of confidence to do my own mechanics and showed me that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it and for that I thank you 💪👍

  • 8w ago jtgrisham jtgrisham

    I did my timing chains on my Mazda6 3.0 never done anything that deep into an engine before, she runs great again and saved me 1k+ I was really pumped after that. Haha

  • 8w ago edmano5 edmano5

    You haven't lived till a customer is coming in 20 minutes to pick up their car and you just cut their brake line by accident.. fixing it before they arrive priceless!!!!!

  • 8w ago t.pertile t.pertile

    Done my first timing belt last week, went better than expected. Thanks for the videos

  • 8w ago paulsrepair paulsrepair

    YES nothing quite like that feeling , really learn a lot from your videos thanx @ericthecarguy

  • 8w ago cmedlin96 cmedlin96

    Clutch and flywheel on my evo x, done with jack stands on my back in my garage. It was a pain lol.

  • 8w ago mpgomatic mpgomatic

    I’m still thrashing away on Slambo. Swapping in a $70 eBay ECU finally got it out of Limp Mode, but now it has a new code: 1381. All Readiness Monitors reset, except for O2. I’m convinced it’s a bad piece of wire, but some reports say it could be the alternator messing with things? Nine frustrating months.

  • 8w ago marcinkayak marcinkayak

    Because the real man can be recognised not how he starts, but how he finishes.

  • 8w ago gearhead1375 gearhead1375

    Nothing as big as your job because I don't own a big shop and I'm not old enough to be employed by a garage, but I just replaced all the rotors, pads, and shims, plus lubricated the slide pins on my 2003 Acura TL. It felt awesome and I love working on mine and other people's cars.

  • 8w ago joey.sterling joey.sterling

    Congrats! Thats awesome!

  • 7w ago mrjagadeeshapatil mrjagadeeshapatil

    Yes cleaned spark plug the vehicle started without hesitation.

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