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🌟YOU ARE NOT A MANTLE PIECE ORNAMENT🌟When I had my daughter 8 years ago I promised myself that I would get rid of my body hatred. I started therapy (for other reasons as well but this was definitely one of main things I wanted help with) but I had no idea how hard it would be to shift, how bone deep it goes, how it’s been there since I was tiny, how every time I make any progress I re-emerge into the world and hear the message that a woman is primarily how she looks. Her kindness and her brain are just a bonus, at best. I am so sick of the constant negative narrative that’s on repeat as I try to get on with my badassness. The time spent hating my thighs and stomach, the scorn I pour onto myself for not looking better and thinner is something that I can never get back. Doing therapy weekly has shown me why it’s such a complicated issue - I’m learning so much about it. But it makes me weep how many women live, everyday, with their very own private torment- maybe never telling anyone what goes on in their heads and hearts. It can affect every part of their lives. Women’s value isn’t in how attractive we are to others - I am not a fucking mantle piece ornament - but holy cow that’s not the message I breath in every day. Thank god for the weekly enlightenment through therapy. It’s slow but how can I expect my beautiful precious daughter to live free from silent self hate if I don’t live it myself. I’m not giving up until this shit is gone. How can we really have equality until we use our brain time equally and until we don’t have to feel apologetic for not looking like computer generated women. It’s a bugger to unpick but it’s political, emotional and essential.


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    ✊✊✊ @cherryhealey I listen @theguiltyfeminist podcast for my weekly therapy. Their podcast on 'worth' with Sarah Millican is funny and thought provoking x x x

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    Such a difficult one! I’m perfect in my husbands eyes, which should be enough right??? But for some reason it isn’t for me...i should worship my body, but every day I look for the imperfect parts, rather than the beautiful uniqueness of me!!

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    Oh my god it is so amazing to hear someone voice what’s in my head!! I have spent all of my life beating up on myself about my weight and what if’s...🤔 learning to listen and mute those voices is a process that I think will never end but as my amazing gorgeous sassy 15 year old constantly tells me, it’s not about the wrapper but what’s inside......💕 thank you for voicing what I imagine so many women feel xxx

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    @emmiefran34 i need to get back to me and not what I think me should be , but what I actually am ❤️❤️❤️

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    Yup - that! I think every woman has issues and we don't realise how deeply ingrained these are until we go to unpick them and that's unsettling too - but essential - I don't believe in reincarnation but I'm coming back as a man - the things we tell little boys and little girls are so different and we need to change that

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    @texy_mexy05 it’s so hard. I’m trying to just remind myself that it’s all a result of the work my body put in to making my daughter. I’m hoping to start exercising again but in a way that I enjoy and avoid piling pressure on myself. It’s an adjustment for sure!

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    You go chick!! Be strong because this journey is so worth it!! We are not mantle piece ornaments NO WAY... and it's bonkers how we've grown up believing that you have to look a certain way, be a certain size to succeed 🙈.... tell yourself what you tell your daughter ❤❤❤ ✌🏾😘

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    So brave to write this! You are not alone. All woman have been through / or are going through what you are. Speaking your truth is another milestone in that recovery journey! Wait till your free of this shit I promise you it’s amazing!!

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    Check out @bodyimagemovement if you haven’t already! I think you will adore Taryn, an Australian woman who is taking a similar message globally!

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    @brooke.fee lucky me I had the chance to catch up with @cherryhealey last year when I was in London! She’s a winner 👊🏼 and I love her work! X

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    @bodyimagemovement I should have known you two awesome women are known to each other!

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    Eleventy million times YES @cherryhealey 💃🏼 #badassery

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    Some one made a comment to me at work the other day about my appearance to which I replied “it’s lucky that people come to see me for my brain then, not how I look” it’s about the only time I’ve been fast enough to think up a witty retort on the spot! But it really annoyed me!

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    And it got me thinking about how much body image was pushed at us as I was growing up, from the magazines I bought to the tv I watched so is become an integral part of our Collective belief system

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    Check out @mamagena ‘s latest blog! About all this!

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    @cherryhealey yes here I Am! I started following you and then was like heyyy it's cherry from yoga. Hasn't put it together 👌❤

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    You’re gorg 💕✨

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    This message needs to be shouted from the rooftops!!

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    @mazcirca1984 sounds good... going to listen to that tomorrow!

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    Amen 🙏🏻 @cherryhealey

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    I hear you @cherryhealey, and the only thing I want to add is this. I have learnt a valuable lesson from my almost-3-year-old daughter. I have a photo of her jumping off a high wooden post onto the sand on the beach. She has her arms outstretched, her chubby little belly is poking out in front, and she has the biggest smile on her face. Right now, she loves her body for what it allows her to do, not how it looks, and isn’t that something we all need to remember?

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    Great post 💖

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    I totally feel your pain 😕 Hope you get to where you want to be with it 😊

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    I once read an amazing comment by comedian Francesca Martinez. She spent years hating her body because her Cerebral Palsy made her "wobbly". Until one day she realised her amazing body had kept her alive. It was a turning point, she apologised to her amazing, life-giving body, she said sorry and thanked it. I try to remember her comment when I'm hating on my body! ❤❤

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    @cherikinvig how spooky 😳

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    @abigailpage90 exactly! Let the instagram cleanse commence!

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    @regan_marwood love this and her

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    I've started my own self-love journey for precisely this reason, I've grown and birthed 2 beautiful girls, I'm damned if I'm going through all that pain for them to one day turn to me and tell me "mummy, I hate my tummy/thighs/boobs" ect they are perfectly imperfect. Just like the rest of us #selflovebringshappiness

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    Yessss girl 👏

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    Wow, bloody well said @cherryhealey, these negative feelings are SO deeply entrenched within me too and I'm 43 now 😳's a constant battle but I'm getting there slowly, it's actually so ridiculous!!! 🙈xxx

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    @cherryhealey very powerful post and very true!! STOP WITH THE SELF HATRED 🙌🏻

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    nice post :D

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    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏@cherryhealey

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    Its bloody hard though.

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    @kerrivene xx

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