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That was different, @spidadmitchell 👀


  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @which_matt_is_that the fact that he added another hoop and was fast enough to put a windmill in is incredible. And that's not true if "half the players in the league can do that" then why aren't they in the dunk contest.

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @which_matt_is_that just because you can dunk doesn't mean you can do every flashy dunk

  • 35w ago kj_taylor40 kj_taylor40

    @ashanlindo do you understand how English works? Because I understood nothing you just typed before your question... I’m fully aware of how it works dumb dumb. He definitely got all 10s for a dunk that everyone has seen before and the judges could have given him a lower score so that dunk definitely did determine the winner. The dunks you do in the final round are all that matter so everything before that is irrelevant. All I said was I didn’t think he should have won with the Vince dunk because it wasn’t original. It was nice but it wasn’t his. Soooo Make sure YOU know how it works before coming at someone else. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @lifeaquaticdfw I don't know what's worst your English or the fact that you think this dunk was garbage.

  • 35w ago kj_taylor40 kj_taylor40

    @ashanlindo where did your comment go? 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  • 35w ago which_matt_is_that which_matt_is_that

    @ashanlindo because having half the league in the dunk contest would be ridiculous dummy, but yes I bet half the players in the league can do a windmill dunk

  • 35w ago garrettrobinson1 garrettrobinson1

    @dylanhall22 definitely a windmill

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @kj_taylor40 your sarcastic comment isn't that funny. I deleted it. Ha ha he he...

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @which_matt_is_that it's not just a windmill- I'm not even going to explain this to you, too know nothing about how dunk contest works

  • 35w ago which_matt_is_that which_matt_is_that

    @ashanlindo lmao its literally just a windmill.. someone could have tossed it to him for the same exact dunk.. my point was the other hoop was completely pointless and unnecessary lol not a big deal dude

  • 35w ago valeriia_mtz valeriia_mtz

    @israel_ramirez_6917 oh men!!!😲

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @which_matt_is_that yep you seriously don't understand what it took.

  • 35w ago which_matt_is_that which_matt_is_that

    @mookiehambones exactly

  • 35w ago which_matt_is_that which_matt_is_that

    @ashanlindo I understand perfectly how average this dunk was

  • 35w ago ashanlindo ashanlindo

    @which_matt_is_that you clearly don't know your proving my point. You can't even touch rim and your saying it's an average dunk. Suuure

  • 35w ago kj_taylor40 kj_taylor40

    @ashanlindo hey we learn something new everyday right? But have a good one it’s all fun this way 😂👍🏾

  • 35w ago jtopdycke jtopdycke

    How was that a 50

  • 35w ago inigomrojas inigomrojas

    @kyleenvr how come I didn’t see this

  • 35w ago nastas66 nastas66

    @corentingogue je comprends toujours pas ce qu'il y a de spécial avec ce dunk

  • 35w ago corentingogue corentingogue

    @nastas66 je t'avoue que moi non plus, il utilise juste un deuxième panneau. Je l'ai trouvé un peu sur noté pendant le concours contrairement à Smith Jr et même Nance Jr qui m'a bluffé !

  • 35w ago

    Same as an alley nothing new

  • 35w ago

    @eli_muscato lmao how?

  • 35w ago lukee_wellss lukee_wellss

    Anyone that can windmill dunk from an ally can do this dunk. It doesn’t require any more jumping ability at all. Just catching it from a different angle.

  • 35w ago _hoodrichriim _hoodrichriim


  • 35w ago julen.41 julen.41


  • 35w ago zackdarling13 zackdarling13

    Lame 😒

  • 35w ago undressthejersey undressthejersey

    @lukee_wellss brought the element of a pick up game where guys throw it off the was creative!

  • 35w ago lukee_wellss lukee_wellss

    @undressthejersey but you need more than creativity to get a 50. We can’t just be throwing out 50s

  • 35w ago undressthejersey undressthejersey

    @lukee_wellss Yeah you right...definitely wasn't a 50 😂

  • 34w ago dmorgs10 dmorgs10

    @nnoahjoness still ain't special

  • 34w ago vater_exca12 vater_exca12

    @inigomrojas because its nothing special lol

  • 34w ago nick.k_301 nick.k_301


  • 34w ago tbrinegar6 tbrinegar6

    Thanks instagram, would’ve been awesome if I could’ve seen it when it was posted

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