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Guys, I received several messages asking how I get the data for post performance/ post discovery. It’s pretty simple:
1️⃣ Open your post;
2️⃣ Click View Insights;
3️⃣ Swipe up.
Conditions: You must have a business page. Give Instagram time to collect it, check it 24h after posting.
Now let’s talk about the Discovery section in your Post Insights. This section helps you to analyze where your post was seen the most. It shows:
🔹% of accounts that saw your post and aren't following you;
🔹Reach: The number of unique accounts who saw your post
🔹Impressions (by surface): The total number of times your post has been seen from a particular surface, including:
⭐️Home - shows a feed of photos posted by you and your friends. You can like and comment on photos in your feed.
⭐️Search & Explore - Through Search & Explore you can find photos and videos that you might like from accounts you don't yet follow. You may also see curated topics that we think the Instagram community will enjoy.
⭐️Profile - shows your bio and Instagram posts. It's also where you can edit your profile info and adjust your Account Settings.
⭐️Location - shows public photos and videos that were shared with the corresponding location.
⭐️Hashtags - Shows public photos and videos that were shared with the corresponding hashtag.
Impressions from Other could be generated by:
🔸Posts that have been shared through direct messages;
🔸Posts that have been saved;
🔸Posts you've been tagged or mentioned in;
🔸Post notifications that you've been mentioned or tagged in;
🔸Posts that show up on the Following tab in your notifications.
So now you know where your new followers come from. Track it and adjust your strategy accordingly 😘

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  • 25w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    Can I have a business account without a facebook page? Do i need to create a bogus facebook page specifically for that? Thanks for insights!

  • 25w ago theresa.maria.escher theresa.maria.escher

    Yeah do I have any disadvantages from turning my page into a business page? Would be great if you could do a post about that :)

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @babygirlslife2016 yes, you must have a Facebook page. But it doesn’t mean you have to use it. You can create one in couple clicks :)

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @theresa.maria.escher I actually had a post about it before, but I archived it... there is a rumor, that Instagram makes organic reach lower for business pages because they want businesses to pay for ads. You can test: change your profile to business one and see whether your engagement will drop or not. Honestly, I don’t believe in it. Besides this tiny possibility to drop your Post Reach, there are no other disadvantages, but many advantages instead.

  • 25w ago theresa.maria.escher theresa.maria.escher

    Thanks for the advice! Interesting... there are so many rumours 🙈🙈🙈

  • 25w ago nataliescreations1 nataliescreations1

    💟💙💜💛💚 THANK YOU for liking my handmade creation today 🎀 I'm brand new to Instagram so if you wish to FOLLOW me please do so 😊 I also run my main business page on Facebook at 💐

  • 25w ago lenalenze lenalenze

    @babygirlslife2016 You can easily create one, connect it with your Instagram and then make it invisible/ unpublished in the Facebook settings. 😊

  • 25w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    @lenalenze thank you, i will try!

  • 25w ago sdvinteriors_perth sdvinteriors_perth

    Great post and information 🌟🌟

  • 25w ago ashleyscoutureofficial ashleyscoutureofficial


  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @babygirlslife2016 or you can turn on auto posting, so all your posts from Insta will be published on FB automatically, and develop 2 channels at the same time....

  • 25w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    @masha.socialmedia i don’t have a facebook page, need to create one first 🤣

  • 25w ago dr.subbio dr.subbio

    You should be compiling all these posts into a book or course or something... they’re great 👍🏻

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia


  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @dr.subbio thank you :) Maybe one day :)

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @sachadevelle thank you!

  • 25w ago credencedesire credencedesire

    @babygirlslife2016 my younger brother did it yesterday with out fb there is a skip option on the top right corner when you get to that point.

  • 25w ago khgurumi khgurumi

    Thank you for this infos!😊👍Very usefull!

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @khgurumi welcome :)

  • 25w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    @masha.socialmedia actually, i turned on the business profile and got 1.5 fewer likes on ALL posts after turning it on.

  • 25w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    @masha.socialmedia so i turned it off again and will see if anything changes

  • 25w ago jojogfineart jojogfineart

    Hiya, haven't quite got my head round the amount of hash tags you should use and though keeping it relevant is going a tad random a good idea or should it be short and sweet? #stilllearning 🤔🤔🤔 don't want to put people off. Also (sorry more guff) I am broke and need to make some dosh but am aware that Instagram is not a selling platform should I bung "available" on 😐🤔😐🤔? Ticky Boo to you ☺️☺️☺️

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @jojogfineart the maximum number of hashtags you can use per post is 30. With the latest updates from Instagram, I suggest using 10-15 per post. Regarding available, yes, you can put it, also can post the price. Or connect your Instagram to Facebook Shop (needs to be created separately) and tag the products. In this case Instagram will be displaying the prices on the photos.

  • 25w ago jojogfineart jojogfineart

    Hi. Thank you very much for your help and advice I will apply your wisdom and keep my finger and toes crossed. 🤗☺️

  • 24w ago brndeco brndeco


  • 23w ago calltend calltend

    Would love to have you join our facebook group!


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