Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

I only got to try Le Grand Veggie, McDonald’s France’s first ever vegetarian burger, once. It was introduced in October but is already off the menu. It was okay. Apparently it was a calorie bomb though, weighing in at 763 kcal vs. 503 kcal for a Big Mac. But just the fact that McDo France introduced a veggie burger option was an event. I did however, like the design of Le Grand Veggie’s box.
. (Note:McDonald’s Switzerland has had veggie options for years. European McDo’s don’t all have the same menus. You can have fun trying out the “regional McDo specialities”. 😄 However, I recommend staying well away from the horrifying Le Croque McDo, which is supposed to be their version of a croque monsieur, at McDo France.)


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