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searching for turquoise .... In a world of mass-produced color, we unconsciously expect perfect consistency. One of the tricky things about targeting color with (natural) dyeing is that wet, freshly dyed fiber looks different from its cured, washed, dry self.... you end up guiding the fabric to what feels right and then crossing your fingers. The slightest factors can cause variations - a few degrees in temperature, whether it has rained recently and affected the chemistry of the water source, how the plant grew that year, if your kid / cat / friend sneezes and you step away at the wrong moment. Unique color is beautiful color. She says and then adds more weld to the dye bath.

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  • 60w ago cardamomcollective cardamomcollective

    @erikabmo mmm Emerald! Still a precious gem!

  • 60w ago nightquilter nightquilter

    Search, search, search, oh my heart! 😍💙🦋 If anyone can find it, it’s you!

  • 60w ago peggydlugos peggydlugos

    Yes yes yes

  • 60w ago katrinarodabaugh katrinarodabaugh


  • 60w ago jamiebourgeois jamiebourgeois


  • 60w ago thelesserbear thelesserbear

    The struggle is real with consistent colors, story of my life at the moment!

  • 60w ago jewelweedstextiles jewelweedstextiles

    I think we put petroleum dyes on a pedestal without remembering/realizing that dye lots have tons of variation and colors definitely run and fade, we've all experienced it, but for some reason natural dyes get held to standards we don't even expect from "conventional" dyes. Not to even get into the health/environmental issues. This color is beautiful by the way, I hope you get the turquoise you are dreaming of, the pursuit of the perfect color is so addictive 😊🌈

  • 60w ago constructionlines constructionlines

    Fingers crossed!!

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @nightquilter it’s there somewhere!

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @thelesserbear we had a huge water main break this week; iron contamination and weirdness. Wishing I had a midwinter rainbarrel!!

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @katrinarodabaugh 😏

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @jewelweedstextiles thanks— yes. Exactly. I was talking about dye/ink lot variation with someone in the grocery store while looking at pasta packages.

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @constructionlines right? It’s close. Fingers crossed indeed!

  • 60w ago officina_del_colore_naturale officina_del_colore_naturale

    Oh..I agree and it is really so difficult to explain to possibly customs why your colour could be different from samples or the time needed to dye..I'm trying to obtain a blu-green,teal colour,but it is hard finding the right herb for yellow(weld?pomegranate?marigold?)and the right quantity..then indigo..or woad?🤔🤔

  • 60w ago flannelberry flannelberry

    @nightquilter Agreed!

  • 60w ago mcclintockdeb mcclintockdeb

    Fustic then indigo

  • 60w ago farmettepress farmettepress

    Gorgeous! And so appreciate the true! (Especially the sneezes part haha!) I just got some weld to try for the first this weld and indigo? What fiber?

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @farmettepress yes, weld and indigo on a cellulose blend (linen/cotton).

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @mcclintockdeb the vat I have up is a metal-reduced vat (very stable for our cold temp) so it has to be indigo first on this go round.

  • 60w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @farmettepress p.s. the weld - it can be neon! Are you growing any of your dyes?

  • 58w ago farmettepress farmettepress

    @erikabmo yes I’ve heard weld can be sooo bright so I’ve been kind of scared to try it! And no! I haven’t grown any of my own yet, though I’ve foraged a bit in our pasture for walnut, wild grape, and pokeberry and we have lots of goldenrod and queen Anne’s in the empty 100 acres next door that I want to try!! Any tips for a few good starters for self-growing? :)

  • 58w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    Walnut & goldenrod are great! I’m always careful with queen anne’s lace because it is parsnip/carrot family and contains chemicals that can make your skin hypersensitive to sunlight. Sumac? For growing, I’d do madder / weld / indigo for the color mixing. They should all do well for you though you might need to experiment with Japanese vs American vs SE Asian varieties.....

  • 54w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @erikabmo @farmettepress Loren, I failed to tag you ☝️

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