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The brake pedal on my dad’s truck has always bothered me. In this video I try and solve that and provide some helpful information if you ever need to replace a master cylinder. #DadsTruck


  • 35w ago williampaul9404 williampaul9404

    Went through this with an 88 chevy Corsica, GM masters seem to fail in my experience

  • 35w ago im.janonymous im.janonymous

    Bleed it!! Bleed that sucker!! Lol

  • 35w ago im.janonymous im.janonymous

    Oh check for leaks first lol

  • 35w ago fastfittyremobile fastfittyremobile

    Lovely to see Eric in action

  • 35w ago ostjone ostjone

    Welcome back!! How bout the always-sad feel of the brakes on an old Subaru? (99 Leg OB) Lol the brakes are always so spongy on older model Subarus, doesn’t matter if they’ve just been done or not! I put an MC brace in mine & that helped a little...they stop well, just always have a “dead” feel at the top. Thinking new (stainless woven) lines at the next brake job. Thoughts? I know you own(ed) a legacy from the same era

  • 35w ago cool_user_name_here cool_user_name_here


  • 35w ago brandonyazdi brandonyazdi

    Maybe steal braided break lines can help a tad if changing the master cylinder doesn’t

  • 35w ago blou2009 blou2009

    I have the same problem with my c Volt unless it’s engineered to be that way?

  • 35w ago joe00lawless joe00lawless

    How about if you have a hydraulic brake booster instead of a vacuum booster

  • 35w ago lopez13ryan lopez13ryan

    @ericthecarguy. Please do more videos on ur dads truck i have the 93 gmc too! Ur dads truck is awesome!

  • 35w ago 1badi5 1badi5

    @ericthecarguy run a MC from an 02 Silverado......super common mod on the GMT400 forums. I'm going to do that, SS braided lines and calipers off from 98 Silverado 3500. The calipers and MC are all OEM parts and direct bolt on mods

  • 35w ago lucasvannes34 lucasvannes34

    @ericthecarguy wondering if this would also apply to my 99 isuzu trooper? I know a lot of gm parts were shared... plus my brake pedal may as well live in a pineapple under the sea

  • 35w ago betaphysics betaphysics

    Awesome Eric! Love these trucks!


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