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Have you seen the new video I posted to YouTube channel? Go check it out now! #pullensmoke #subaru #wrx #sti #subi #subaruwrxsti #thule #subarunation #subarudaily #subies #subiesquad #subiegang #carsofinstagram #awd #turbo


  • 43w ago rexneffect808 rexneffect808

    You still planning on posting our drift videos from the other weekend?

  • 43w ago pullensmoke_ pullensmoke_

    @rexneffect808 I am! I just suck at editing on my computer since it's so slow and all those videos are on my dslr. I'll see if I can't just plug in my sd card to send you a few of the raw videos to your email. Sorry, I'm the worst procrastinator but the video is going to look so sick when it's done!

  • 43w ago facepillownap facepillownap

    Left foot braking?

  • 43w ago hungsportswear hungsportswear

    Omg that poor car!! Naaaa she probably loves being driven hard😁😁

  • 43w ago pullensmoke_ pullensmoke_

    @facepillownap left foot clutching, e-braking

  • 43w ago rexneffect808 rexneffect808

    @pullensmoke_ No worries. Just hoping I get to see it before I die😂 I too am guilty of procrastinating sometimes😏

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