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37 years ago at DBHS, we could never imagine an AR-15 in the hands of civilians-I don’t think they even existed. 16 minutes west, 37 years later. We failed them. #parkland 😞 #breakdownofsociety #societalbreakdown How can this continue to happen and we try NOTHING?!


  • 56w ago pwbrandcottage pwbrandcottage

    Here in Connecticut 2012 sleepy town. First graders slaughtered. Sandy Hook. Parkland won’t be last😢

  • 56w ago modelsupplies modelsupplies

    @pwbrandcottage it’s not rocket science. Auto weapon ban lapses and here we are. Reinstate it. Well, I wasn’t going to do this here. It’s just so senseless. None of these should have happened 😞

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