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Broken hearted for all the families affected of Parkland, FL. This needs to stop. We say this time and time again yet it seems we take no action. Please, let’s change this. #NoNotoriety #ParklandSchoolShooting


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    Notoriety has not to do with these incidents. And everything to do with the U.S.’ poor gun legislation.

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    Broken-hearted too but when are people going to get piss s off with the NRA and the legislators who continue to turn a blind eye? It’s not the 1850s anymore and you do not need guns to stop someone from stealing your cattle

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    #nonotoriety !! @danelljleyva @momsdemand

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    Thanks 🙏

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    Ändert Eure verfickten Waffengesetze! Dann passiert das nicht!

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    So heartbreaking

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    everyone here in parkland is standing together. this will only make us stronger

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    What action can we take? I’m ready.

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    Its a sad situation..i only think about the families of those who died in this terrible masacre...president Obama tried to do a lot about it but they didnt want to listen to him...l think a million people have to protest in front of the White House because l dont think the actual president cares about that situation..he says he prays for the families and victims but he doesnt talk about guns control!!!!!!

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    Guns don’t kill people,people kill people!

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    Todos estos queriendo que controlen las armas tienen el celebro lavado,porque mejor no quitamos los carros y los teléfonos estos son culpables de la mayoría de las muertes que pasan ,venir de Cuba para que se vuelva a repetir la historia no es fácil,pero como ya yo vengo de un país al que le quitaron las armas a el pueblo no caeré en la misma tela de arańa de estos izquierdistas que se hacen llamar demócratas y que realmente son comunistas hambrientos de poder...

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