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Each and every fish caught has a story that involved free diving with a 3-prong on a single breath. As I was scaling fish with my dad, I came across a menpachi with a slice in its body. Holding up the fish, I told my dad that this slice was from an eel that tried to tax @kai_brun menpachi when he was coming up. This batch of fish not only provided food for my 'ohana but priceless memories that are made upon each catch. The whole process from ocean to table allows opportunities of learning and strengthening relationships. To know exactly where your food came from is priceless, especially in this day and age. #caughtnotbought Mahalo @kai_brun for helping me get fish for a family that has been faced with some heavy trials recently in their life. There's no greater feeling than harvesting fish for a good cause. The elements truly work in your favor. A pic of my dad cranking out the scales and gutting process with some occasional finger piercings from the fins. 😂 Mahalo Ke Akua. Mahalo @koa_polu for one WES KAU'I BAG TOO! All amped he was! 😂😂 #'ainapono


  • 14w ago 96731x1 96731x1

    Brahhhh, I thought I was do only 1 use grandmas stool to clean fish🤪

  • 14w ago barameoso barameoso

    that was beautiful kiddo, kais caption would read like this.... " I shot a bunch of reds right in da face"

  • 14w ago mr._meza mr._meza

    @stylgrl I love shit like this

  • 14w ago hatchcustomspearguns hatchcustomspearguns

    Nice story bro

  • 14w ago kai_brun kai_brun

    @barameoso sounds about right, stoked to help and thanks for the dive @kawikakaui

  • 14w ago chief_rockahz chief_rockahz

    Covering the grass with the confetti of nature 🤙🤙

  • 14w ago hollyfranso hollyfranso

    @mr._meza shut up Michael lol you mean “stuff like this “ 😂

  • 14w ago hollyfranso hollyfranso

    @kawikakaui it’s so true. I can’t imagine how many stories you have in your long term memory cuz of this! I know I’ll never forgot my first 3-prong shot ! YAYOOOOUUU and on a side note- my first thought to this pic was Dammnnnn it’s like scales falling from the sky 😂

  • 14w ago _slamskeez_ _slamskeez_

    #weskauispeshobag 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • 14w ago anton_prothe anton_prothe

    love tha pic!.. (ppl dat buy their fish from da store will never know tha story behind it)

  • 14w ago merlinspopoahi merlinspopoahi


  • 14w ago caroln_mcdermott caroln_mcdermott

    I love reading your stories ❤️😊

  • 14w ago _kealamarquis _kealamarquis

    When we were young they said scales gives u warts😝😝😝thank God i never like clean da fish anyway

  • 14w ago zaile24 zaile24

    Luv to hear the catch for a needy family n not to pad ones pocket 😘🙏👌

  • 14w ago waterman_mike waterman_mike

    Yesah, extra crispy please

  • 13w ago approved77 approved77


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