Instagram post by @jiknows Jino Merendino🔨

If you were a fruit you'd be a FINE-apple. Thanks for putting up with my bad humor & my hangryness. Happy Valentine's Day baby. I love you deeply thìrak 🍍❤👫


  • 39w ago irjeffro irjeffro

    Happy Valentine’s Day bro. Hope all is well with you and your girl! Best wishes man

  • 39w ago jiknows jiknows

    @irjeffro thanks my dude, same to you & your girl as well. Miss you braddah!!

  • 39w ago stayl0v3ly stayl0v3ly

    Always got them good lines to make me melt my baby 🍍😏!!! I love you too my king 👑 u are definitely where all my love lives 😍💋

  • 39w ago jiknows jiknows

    @stayl0v3ly corny pickup lines is my thang babe. Smh 😂😘

  • 38w ago hennyseroeyen hennyseroeyen

    @jiknows ☝🏻great caption in life💚🌼platform🤛🏻

  • 38w ago jiknows jiknows

    @hennyseroeyen thanks brotha! ✊

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