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Making telly is one of my biggest passions. This morning we got up very early and filmed a huge Indian market - we saw the enormous scale of it on a rooftop as the sun came up. We drank ginger chai with the market chairman. I knew it was a money-can’t-buy kind of moment. Plus we got perhaps the worlds coolest photobomb. During the afternoon we were nearly broiled alive so, you know, swings and roundabouts 🤣#Work #passion #india #markets #food #factory #insidethefactory @bbctwo


  • 31w ago _g3 _g3

    Enjoying the photobombing here a lot.

  • 31w ago mothers.wellness.toolkit mothers.wellness.toolkit

    Omg best photo bombs ever 😂😍❤️

  • 31w ago kemitelford kemitelford

    Your face is so full of joy

  • 31w ago zala.y_96 zala.y_96

    NiCe to see ur pic in india.

  • 31w ago petrolpolishleather petrolpolishleather

    If your job is a passion, it’s no longer a job?

  • 31w ago drewbarrymuir drewbarrymuir


  • 31w ago emmanueljal emmanueljal


  • 31w ago amuzza amuzza

    They just love the stare in India!

  • 30w ago jagadeesh_charlie jagadeesh_charlie

    Finally your visit India too and its also Telugu state

  • 30w ago spottyteapot spottyteapot

    Brilliant pic! X

  • 30w ago lordmelvynevery lordmelvynevery

    Cherry your so gorgeous a true natural beauty 😘❤❤❤✌

  • 30w ago _zenes_ _zenes_

    You actually don’t look safe here 😐

  • 30w ago dcartwright60 dcartwright60

    Can’t wait 😊👌🏻

  • 30w ago honeysuckle2609 honeysuckle2609

    Oh just can't wait to see this xxxxx

  • 30w ago hannahmead_ hannahmead_

    This made me smile, though they look kind of angry 😂

  • 30w ago ann.ohalloran ann.ohalloran

    To love what you do and get to see the world at the same time.

  • 30w ago ellablaker ellablaker

    One of my fave places and markets are the best way to see a place, I can't wait to see what telly you are making!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 30w ago georgemhughes georgemhughes

    I miss Inside the Factory! Such fun times. This looks awesome. Lucky, lucky you!

  • 30w ago kosmetyki.94 kosmetyki.94

    Love you

  • 30w ago shelleymorelli shelleymorelli

    Ginger chai and all things spice ☕️


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