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  • 42w ago livefreeguitars livefreeguitars

    How do you finish your fretboards, @wolf_navarro_guitars?

  • 42w ago wolf_navarro_guitars wolf_navarro_guitars

    @livefreeguitars I oil them...1 time. then I wax them and buff them. So far it seems to work well for me.

  • 42w ago wolf_navarro_guitars wolf_navarro_guitars

    @livefreeguitars I make sure the glue us set up very well before I do it. when I'm finishing the neck wood I tape off the fretboard so it doesn't get too oily...then once the neck is dry I do the fretboard and wax them both at the same time...I go back over all my frets with 1000 grit Hosco fret eraser and Music Nomad Frine fret polish to get them nice and shiny agsin. 👍🐺

  • 42w ago livefreeguitars livefreeguitars

    @wolf_navarro_guitars Thanks, man. I'm still working on something as my "go to". Those are good tips up there.

  • 42w ago theleonknight theleonknight

    Great photos!

  • 42w ago

    I see you making electric violin) Good practice!)

  • 42w ago wolf_navarro_guitars wolf_navarro_guitars

    @conpeth_guitars I have yosfmit. The Zeeta electric violin company used to be in my town and they gave me that as a project to work on when they closed....I didn't make it. I am gonna mess with it ad dome point soon...😊

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