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Happy Valentine’s Day from my sweetie and me. On heartbreaking days like today, we need a little more love in the world.


  • 14w ago geopejoves geopejoves

    @mxchamps ?? What’s cuck?

  • 14w ago el49ers el49ers

    When is the killing of our love ones will stop????? We need gun control please.

  • 14w ago skittyrojo skittyrojo

    When are the people going to stand up for what's right? It is scary but it seems Trump is winning 😢😢😢 Are we headed for a Fascist USA?

  • 14w ago duy_kasparov duy_kasparov

    I support you Senator Warren! You are the person Americans need! #elizabethwarren #Warren2020

  • 14w ago therealdrewlefty therealdrewlefty

    @el49ers when there’s a car crash we blame the driver but when theirs a shooter we blame a gun instead of making more law abiding citizens defenseless why don’t we try something new

  • 14w ago dgollas dgollas

    Eating dead animals that suffered terrible for most if not all their lives is not a way to show love. Peace starts at your dinner plate. #GoVegan

  • 14w ago thestateof_theunion thestateof_theunion

    Well said

  • 14w ago albusman_ albusman_

    @dgollas who said they were eating animals?

  • 14w ago dgollas dgollas

    @albusman_ just a wild guess as eating animals is the norm in most of the world. Is she a vegan? What do you know that I don't?

  • 14w ago albusman_ albusman_

    @dgollas tf do you mean "what do you know that I don't" you don't even know me! Also you kinda seemed positive in your original comment that they were eating meat.

  • 14w ago jjbaseball2828 jjbaseball2828

    God bless u

  • 14w ago drew_seg drew_seg

    Best dumpling spot in all the land! Well played, @elizabethwarrenma!

  • 14w ago eekardell eekardell

    @elizabethwarrenma love Chinatown express! Support you fully and would love to chat during your next dumpling night 🥟

  • 14w ago mscarlyp mscarlyp


  • 14w ago leworth leworth


  • 14w ago amyelfstrand amyelfstrand

    Love and new policy!

  • 14w ago igloo6996_ igloo6996_

    I miss diners

  • 14w ago theghostthatneverlies theghostthatneverlies

    Warren is kewl

  • 14w ago maggiekozel maggiekozel

    Please your colleagues in DC that we didn't sent them there to offer their prayers for us. Wee sent them there for action.

  • 14w ago donniecroce_7 donniecroce_7

    Thank You Sen.Warren and back at ya.And a very sad one.But hope in the young BANNED THESE WEAPONS.PLEASE !

  • 14w ago makboo168 makboo168

    And more sriracha!!

  • 14w ago alicias1871 alicias1871

    @elizabethwarrenma We need your leadership and passion now more than ever. Let’s come together and enact legislation to ban automatic rifles from the hands of civilians! As mothers, we have to do this now.

  • 13w ago aortiz2100 aortiz2100

    We love you @elizabethwarrenma!❤️

  • 13w ago fiona.robert fiona.robert


  • 13w ago kmdogg kmdogg

    @elizabethwarrenma Wow! You’re on IG!!! HEY! Sen Warren, I want to challenge you to a ‘23 and me’ show all! Ill pay for everything! We will finally be able to put all the doubters to shame! @tyrussmash

  • 13w ago patrick_oconnor55 patrick_oconnor55

    @alicias2383 there r no automatic rifles in America. U r probably talking about an AR15 which is semi-automatic soooo yeah have fun.

  • 13w ago joey_w.120 joey_w.120

    I hate you so, so much

  • 13w ago marhodes marhodes

    Thank you for leading us. You are very needed.

  • 13w ago babemicca babemicca


  • 13w ago l7heidi l7heidi

    Thank you guys for all that you do for the people ❤

  • 13w ago mariagercinadacruz mariagercinadacruz

    Amor 😊 é o caminho para a paz " o amor "

  • 13w ago pureprogressive pureprogressive

    Potential first Gentlemen??

  • 13w ago comeandtakeit27 comeandtakeit27

    I didn't know you married Bernie

  • 6w ago sayno2cusswords sayno2cusswords

    Now that i know that you and Bruce love Chinatown Express as much as I do I'll be going a LOT more

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