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Days prior to the Kree Invasion ⠀
Location: Watchtower, Unrecognizable earth

[I am Victor Stone. Well, that statement is still unknown. Am I Victor Stone or am I a robot playing dress-up amongst other homosapiens. I'm that big clunky leaguer who is half machine as well as half man. I survived something I shouldn't have, some call it a gift. However, I feel like I lost my humanity in the process. I'm more robot right now than I am man. I still chill around these guys and help them protect their home. Because from what I know, it's mine as well]
A gasp for air followed by Victor waking up from what seemed to be a coma. With being made of mostly cybernetics he looked around surprised for it was years since he's actually felt human. What he had remembered before was slim. He was simply doing final checkups on the Earth's saftey when suddenly he saw a pulse imiting from the center of the galaxy causing everything to shake as if a universal tremor had emerged spontaneously. Vic instantly opened up holograms and began scrolling through the internet. He was scrolling through trying to gain knowledge of what had happened but instead he was introduced to a whole new encyclopedia of history that he had never seen before. "What is this?" He muttered as he looked through the tabs
"Chitari Invasion. Omnics Uprising? Mutants?  The force? What's a Voltron?" He exclaimed trying to figure out what was going on. In an effort to get caught up, he began installing the information of all these different histories. In a rush all these different events on the earth rushed through his head he began absorbing the knowledge. Cyborg then knew what had happened. "Universes merging" he looks around extremly confused " we shouldn't have survived the impact none of us should" there was a higher crisis at hand, however. Victor quickly realized he was the only  person who probably knew what was going. The history of all of these Earths have been absorbed into his brain.
"I need to find the other members of the Justice League As Soon As Possible" he storms out of the main room of the watch tower into the teli communications. Cyborg made his


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    way to the supercomputer and began typing in the names of the Leaguers to find out their location.
    "Alright let's try Barry." Vic informs himself as he punches in his code. The location pops up but quickly disappears, only an unknown location is left. "What that was weird..." He remarks. "Lets hope Aquaman isn't lost" he tries finding Aquaman but he gets the same response as the previous try. "What! Diana??" Location of Wonder Woman is also unknown.
    "Hal" Unknown.
    "Clark" Unknown. "Batman?" Still Unknown. Cyborg's eye widens with fear. He might have a clue of what is going on: the team isn't lost, someone is just preventing him from accessing information. Silence grew but was soon broken by the uproar of the transporter being accessed. Many feet were stomping towards the room where Victor awaited. They all entered with their  guns pointed at him. Victor clenched his fists in anger for being caught in the middle of an invasion. As he slowly looks up he begins examining the army that surrounds him and overlaps to outside of the room. Vic notices that they have blue skin with armor that is primarily green and white. They looked tough but not too life threatening.
    "CYBORG OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE" One yells out, interrupting Vic' s inner observations. "You are coming with us. Either by volunteer or by brute force." The alien walks closer to him "we are the kree and we are taking ove-" "Like hell you are!" Victor shouts as he punches the kree in the gut, sending him flying back. The kree stations himself on his hands and knees as purple blood comes gushing out his mouth. The kree just begins laughing aware of what is to come. "I guess you shows brute force huh?" The kree says in a weak tone. "CHARGE!" In an instant the other krees lifted their weapons and began shooting at Vic. However their shots are blocked quickly due to Vic forming two giant arms and shielding himself from harm. As the shooting settled down Vic stood there, his large arms crossed and a smirk on his lips. "My coach always told me to stretch before warm ups. Are you guys warm enough"  he asks as he drops his giant fists. "Because it's my turn" In an instance Cyborg began swinging his enormous

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    fists at his enemies. The kree are flying all over the room, splattering all over the walls. As Cyborg continued his rampage he let out a war cry, continuing painting the walls with the kree's blood. More awaited at the door readying to enter. Again, Cyborg taunts them.
    "That can't be it! If you're trying to take over the league tower you should've at least came prepared" Cyborg however noticed something: his back was turned to the computers many times and none of them tried taking control over the comms. Their eyes were also glued to his every movement and nothing else. It all then became clear what they were here for.
    "I see how it is... you are all here for me" As he revealed their true intentions he saw some get into a more athletic stance, ready to pounce on him. One launched himself towards Vic but Vic only responded by dropping his shoulder, shrugging off the tackle. He then proceed to shoot himself forward through his calves' rocket boosters. /If they want to challenge me might as well do it in a place where I'd have more room to maneuver/ he thought to himself as he was busting through many krees and found him into the training room. As he entered the room he stopped his boosters and rolled over. Stopping his movements he was facing the entrance with his hands switching from giant fists to a sonic blaster. "One thing you all miscalculated about was that..." His sonic blaster began charging. "You're attacking a member of the Justice League. BOOYAH" Vic then released a blast of white noise just as the kree began crowding the entrance. They were all vaporized and Cyborg simply grinned. His fond joy was soon interrupted by someone break down from the roof and landing infront of the cybernetic crusader.
    "You must be the big guy" Cyborg said as he observed his opponent. Thicker armor than the rest and the noticeable large hammer it is carrying around.
    "They call me Ronan" it spoke,with a triumphant voice and a cold gaze. "Are you warm enough?" Ronan made an allegory to Vic's previous comment causing Vic to become a little more serious than previously. Ronan cocked back his hammer ready to swing at Victor. As he swung Victor responded with

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    forming a giant fist. Instead of a collision the hammer ripped Victor's arm, clean off. Victor was shocked, but he still had some fight left in him. With his compatible arm he quickly transformed it into a nova blaster and instantly began shooting a barrage towards Ronan. Ronan simply deflected the heavy hitting attacks with his durable hammer. At this point Victor began more aware of the situation. That weapon was very powerful and extremely durable, but he did not have time to formulate a plan to counter it for Ronan once again swung at Cyborg, causing the tip of the hammer to collide with Victor's rib cage. The force of the attack was so great that Cyborg was launched out into the void of space. As he was floating his eyes were wide due to the gaping hole that was once where his ribs were located. With blood dripping from his mouth he used much force he had to look around, only to see that he was surrounded by some spaceships. Cannons exited a vault from each of the ships. As the cannons charged, Vic closed his eyes accepting his fate. He was then met With a full barrage of blasts hitting him causing him to loose consciousness. /'You human's are fools'. A robotic voice was heard.
    'With all this power you decide to toy with your enemy. Foolish' the voice continues and there's Victor as a normal human facing a cyborg with a robotic skull. He is currently in his subconscious, where his robotic side,the Grid speaks to him.
    'I guess I'm not dead' Victor asks the Grid 'Of course not. I cannot die. Therefore, sadly neither can you' the Grid explains with slightly elevated tone in his robotic voice. 'Why not give me control. The army and their brute would have easily been defeated under my power' The Grid scolds him. 'I'M NOT LOSING MYSELF TO YOU!' Victor exclaims 'I don't even want to be here. I don't even want to be here why not just let me g-/
    He left his subconscious due to the noise from the outside world causing him to awake. Slowly his eye opened. First thing he did was look around the room. All he saw were wired, as he looked down to himself he witnessed his body disassembled with wires entering and exiting it. "No....." Victor began to regret his

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    decisions when suddenly a voice came up. "Congratulations Cyborg" it was the one brute from before, Ronan. "You are The Reason why Earth will fall to the Kree"

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