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Yesterday I received a direct message saying “Masha, I do everything you suggested, but it doesn’t work”.
My reply to messages like this one will always be “It DOES work, you don’t”. Simple as that🤷‍♀️
Guys, who can’t “make it work”, how many times did you try the method I call “effective commenting”? How many times did you cooperate with bloggers or launch giveaways? Did you work on your content strategy?See? 🙃
I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I am telling you what has been always working well for me for past 6 years, for any type of business, any kind of SM channel: 🔹Create amazing content—> original, valuable, interesting, informative, high-quality;
🔹Engage —> to increase your Post Reach and build your followers loyalty. Be engaging not only on your own page, but on others’ pages as well;
🔹Promote —> to grow the number of your followers.
🔹Don’t blame Masha for your laziness and procrastination.
But always feel free to ask me here!

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  • 26w ago real.estatetor real.estatetor

    Thank you Masha, for being such an incredibly amazing girl with beautiful eyes and a perfect body shape. If it doesn't work, try harder. I like that attitude 👍

  • 26w ago alexandracolors alexandracolors

    Masha, since i followed you i started taking my instagram seriously because i wanted for real to have more followers, and not only a number, but actual active followers to whom i could talk and feel listened at least by a small part of them. In my niche there are so many accounts with thousands of followers but not necessarily with a great awesome fantastic content (art and coloring) so i thought, you know what? my content of my pictures is not so big of a issue, because i color nice enough, but i need to post more often, i need to have a better looking page, i need to talk to more people, i need to see which kind of photographing attracts more, what other better hashtags i could use etc etc. And im pretty happy now that im close to half a thousand followers while when i started following you i had way under 200. Yea it isnt such a grow but i am grateful for your account because it actually teaches things. So thank you! :)

  • 26w ago vixy_ny vixy_ny

    I reread your posts constantly and soon will start following all your advice. You rock.

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @little_russian_spy you are welcome :)

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @real.estatetor ahahah. Did you safe this phrase of mine in your notes to copy and paste or you actually type it??? 😱

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @alexandracufteac you are welcome, Alexandra! Happy to know you found useful info here. Right now Instagram is doing everything possible to stop people hunting for the new followers and start them paying attention to the quality and loyalty of their followers. Everyone knows that the big number of followers in Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean great content. It can also mean “bots” or “massfollowing”, so don’t run for the quantity. Make your current audience engage with your posts first 😘

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @vixy_ny 😘😘😘 Soon, she might use some of them to promote your app on Instagram:)

  • 26w ago real.estatetor real.estatetor

    @masha.socialmedia i respect your work very much and i appreciate your effort to share your IG experience with us. That's why i typed this phrase and didn't copy past it...btw. last week i wrote perfect booty shape. This seemed a little inapropriate for todays beautiful picture of yours and 'perfect body shape' is the perfect description ❤

  • 26w ago trasmorfo trasmorfo

    Jelouuuu Masha, it is dumb blame to others about your own decisions 😝 I apreciate the info that you give me and t the only way to grown in the web is working. In mi case i am working with colaborations in other projects that they will give in the medium term followers, more colaborations or learning 😀

  • 26w ago babygirlslife2016 babygirlslife2016

    My comment got lost... thank you so much Masha! Your methods really work! I have very little time as a full time mom to dedicate to social media. But since i found your profile and started following your advice, i have gone from 50 followers to over 420. That may sound like not much for someone, bit it’s huge for me! If i had more time to dedicate to this, i could be much more successful at this! You are an amazing girl with beautiful eyes and a perfect body shape, by the way! Happy Valentine’s day!

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @real.estatetor thank you 😊

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @trasmorfo yay! Good to know that there are many people who understand that no advice can help if you don’t work yourself :)

  • 26w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @babygirlslife2016 it really REALLY makes me feel happy to know that my suggestions can be useful or inspiring for people. Happy Valentine’s Day 😘😘😘

  • 26w ago

    Social Media Marketing - YES!

  • 26w ago meltslikebutters meltslikebutters

    What you say makes complete sense.

  • 25w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia


  • 25w ago thejcad thejcad

    That's how the real hustlers go to the top. Love it.

  • 25w ago maryannaveryrealtor maryannaveryrealtor


  • 25w ago overdosyng overdosyng

    ✅The best of the best....

  • 24w ago 10bucksforreviews 10bucksforreviews


  • 24w ago alexaimephotography alexaimephotography

    Excellent shot and u have great week... Thank you for your visit on my page.

  • 24w ago timothyj.cross timothyj.cross

    Great information. Thank you for being who you are, the passion you have to help others build

  • 24w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @timothyj.cross you are welcome :)

  • 24w ago surfavo surfavo

    Well masha I'm a turtle

  • 24w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @surfavo nice to Insta-meet you, turtle 🐢!

  • 24w ago market248 market248

    Ooohh, I need to find your post and read about "effective commenting"!

  • 24w ago market248 market248

    @alexandracolors great job. So many people miss out because they aren't teachable, but you obviously are. Congratulations on your (quality) account growth! #beteachable

  • 23w ago malennachzahlen_eu malennachzahlen_eu

    Tolles Bild wir würden uns über einen Besuch auf unserer Seite freuen 😀

  • 20w ago gary_rosenberger gary_rosenberger

    Consistency pays off! Thank you!!!

  • 19w ago _estherfrutos_ _estherfrutos_

    Nice to meet you! I like your profile. I will pay attention to your posts.👏

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  • 16w ago theketojunky theketojunky

    Love your knowledge and content.

  • 16w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @sparklewithwhitney thank you 😘

  • 12w ago johnnyd402 johnnyd402

    THIS is why you have followers.

  • 12w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @johnnyd402 exactly :)

  • 5w ago andrewl5l andrewl5l

    Hey what ur doing and what u've accomplished so far and where ur going...let me know if I can help or synergize with u in the future...I am the founder/CEO of @iwannagiveback a charity dedicated to post 9/11 era Veterans and their families...I am also the founder/CEO of a digital marketing agency, L5L Solutions @andrewl5l that helps you digitally grow to achieve your vision...please let me know how I may assist you in the soon thanks, Andrew

  • 5w ago masha.socialmedia masha.socialmedia

    @andrewl5l Hi Andrew. Thanks, but I have my own Social Media and PR agency.

  • 5w ago andrewl5l andrewl5l

    Yes I'm aware of that u provide great content very useful. I'm always looking to synergize n collaborate. Look forward to learning more from u in the future. Please let me know how I can assist. Thanks

  • 3w ago natapatton natapatton

    Вот такую попу хочу 😍😍😍

  • 6d ago madeyoulo.ok madeyoulo.ok

    You tell em girl!


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