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It was not Instagram that killed yoga, ‘Sivananda Buried Yoga’ long before that. In case you’re wondering about the reference, then I suggest you read Yogi Manmoyanand’s provocative book from 2008. In essence, the point is that the original purpose of Yoga was/is radical self-transcendence - the process of realising that we are not the body or the mind. Yet at some point in history, Yoga became about physical fitness and healing diseases and ailments through yoga postures and breathing techniques. It became about stress management through meditation.
The challenging reality behind this is that it was not the cultural appropriation of westerners that lead to this change in the meaning and purpose of Yoga. This movement was started by Indian teachers. Western culture has simply run with it and due to the current trend of globalisation and the rise of the universal mono-culture, the Yoga scene has become “Americanised”. Yet, what came first - the chicken or the egg? If you come to India and visit Goa, Mysore or Rishikesh, you will see the Yoga marketplace bursting at the seams with teacher trainings happening on every street corner. You’ll see kids participating in Yoga competitions. In Mumbai prominent signs on the streets are advertising Yoga as the best way to lose weight, while the newspapers are promoting the latest Beer Yoga classes.
But how did I start practicing ? How did you start? How do any of us start? We start for a multitude of reasons and I bet that the goal of leaving the world and entering Samadhi was not one of them. Yet through our humble beginnings we are introduced to the Yoga tradition and to the process of self-inquiry. Some of us will be called to go deeper into that inquiry while others will stay with more simple desires for health and happiness.
Is that a bad thing? We don’t have to look to far to see the many stories of Gurus who have fallen from grace. Enlightenment might not be all it’s cracked up to be after all. Being a loving and compassionate human being may be our greatest challenge and the highest goal of Yoga. Before we go pointing the finger at others let’s begin with our own inner work. 🙏


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    Firstly - what a beautiful photograph. Secondly Very wise words for a Friday mr Robberds 🙏

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    “Yoga Competition” seems like the biggest oxymoron ... ever! 🤔

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    @katkayoga thanks- hope you’re having a great 2018 so far! 💕

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    @markrobberds actually I am 😉 I belive you and Deepika have a great 2018 too. Do you already have dates for HYW Goa retreat for this year? 😊

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    Well said sir! This is why I practice and think everyone should.

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    @tenadev I love this.

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    @markrobberds You insist the choice of book or title is incidental? And there is no mal intent? Perhaps if you keep repeating this often enough you could whitewash it. Or that the smokescreen of vague concern over the direction yoga is taking or textbook humility at the end of your post does not hide the fact that your post is divisive and polarising. And you should choose to post it on a day everybody is celebrating love is beyond ironical.

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    Great post! In the end it all comes down to the individual, to the who, not the what. We’re all in our own process, and it unfolds for all of us in a different way and pace. Reading the Yoga Makaranda now I learned how this knowledge of yoga was kept for a few, and those few chose wisely who they will pass it on to. Now that it’s available to all of us in so many forms it’s only natural that we’ll take it in whichever way we are able and willing to, creating a beautiful mess of paradox that we can witness today. I’m just grateful that it came my way as well. 💙

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    Beautiful 🧡

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    This is so interesting! I came to yoga with no knowledge of Samadhi. Now that I know about Samadhi, I'm not sure I'm concerned with getting there, but Yoga still calls to me. I want to discover my inner guidance, my inner Guru, and I enjoy the relief I feel from the struggles of my mind. Maybe Samadhi is for another lifetime. 🕉 Thank you for this. 🙏

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