Instagram post by @lachispa8 enrique

Some of my recent tattoo work ladies and gentlemen.... I always appreciate the time and support... if you're interested in getting some work done please call 307-426-4008... stay fly💨 #raven #twobirdsonestoned #midwestboy #Trickster


  • 42w ago yaqui_nix yaqui_nix

    That's Beautiful work! Are you ever out here in L.A.?

  • 42w ago lachispa8 lachispa8

    @yaqui_nix thank you I really appreciate that..... I do want to travel more but unfortunately I won't be out there anytime soon.... but never say never LOL!.... thank you for your time

  • 42w ago thantichrist thantichrist

    Killer homie.

  • 42w ago lachispa8 lachispa8

    @thantichrist thank you kindly sir✊ much respect Triple OG!

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