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Instead of following the unwritten modern social rule, which is posting impressive photos and then writing another caption explaining and proving perfection exists in our life through pics on our Instagram feed, lets talk about real love. What is real love?
Love, is not a feeling. Love is an ability. It’s like you love to fly. But you can’t. It takes time to diligently learn and work really hard to be able to do that.
To truly love, you need to learn and go places far out of your comfort zone to finally see that the person you love really do feel you love him/her.
Constantly hurting one another is not love, abusing each other is not love. Love is not a feeling. Love is an ability that you acquire by opennes, humility, realization that you can be wrong and that you can change, acceptance, and consistent effort and hardwork.
Real love should be empowering. Real love, should be freeing.


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