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In the 1977-78 season, the Bruins set an NHL record with 11 20-goal scorers.

40 years later, the record still stands.


  • 48w ago ritas1212 ritas1212

    Ritas 1212 Nice 👍🏻

  • 48w ago jake_rathbun jake_rathbun

    @dylan.pendergast next to Chara all the way on the left

  • 48w ago donnatocci donnatocci

    This was fantastic! 👏

  • 48w ago heater1957 heater1957

    Been a Bruins fan for 55 years! So awesome!!!

  • 48w ago mya.jewell27 mya.jewell27

    I was there

  • 48w ago noah1white noah1white

    who is the guy wearing a calgary jersey?

  • 48w ago highlights.hockey_ highlights.hockey_


  • 48w ago charlie_lagasse3 charlie_lagasse3

    I know Terry O and Nifty, two great guys 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • 48w ago jkellerr4 jkellerr4

    The dudes.

  • 48w ago clew2877 clew2877

    Such a great game

  • 48w ago jheinilae jheinilae

    @noah___official Mark Giordano

  • 48w ago lsballarin lsballarin

    Good ol days!

  • 48w ago regschofield regschofield

    What a awesome group. Bruins forever .

  • 48w ago imjustdam imjustdam

    Those jersey need to come back bc they remaining of the Neely days

  • 48w ago miketld123 miketld123

    The big bad Bruins👍👍

  • 48w ago thegreenbaypackersupdate thegreenbaypackersupdate

    @noah___official it was a ceremony they introduced both captains from 2 teams to stand

  • 48w ago jimsampsonns jimsampsonns

    Why the hell did they let Don Cherry there?!? Man was handed a dynasty and couldn't win a cup. Twit can't even count to 6.

  • 48w ago t.marcotte2137 t.marcotte2137

    gotta love #21

  • 48w ago allly_gatorr allly_gatorr

    @davepasquariello I think your pic was better

  • 48w ago 4dougorr4 4dougorr4

    This may be the only Bruin record setting picture that does no contain Bobby Orr.

  • 48w ago brendanpprince brendanpprince

    You need to go back to these uniforms!

  • 48w ago suncoastcablecutter suncoastcablecutter

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  • 48w ago tap5500 tap5500

    Oh man, the late 70’s Bruins!!! Hockey royalty in my book. Bruins back office please play Stan Jonathan one more time! Please!!!

  • 48w ago jclaw57 jclaw57

    It was great to see and hear from some of the heroes from my youth. ❤

  • 48w ago burkey6691 burkey6691

    Very cool night! Brought me back to my childhood!

  • 48w ago arscottb arscottb

    Great to the group of 20 goal + players from back then! Lunchbucket hockey! What an incredible accomplishment that was!

  • 48w ago 617flyfisha 617flyfisha

    @4dougorr4 so true brutha

  • 48w ago dimetroan dimetroan

    Was Bobby Orr there? I couldnt see

  • 48w ago crunkal0713 crunkal0713

    Awesome to watch

  • 48w ago noah1white noah1white

    @jheinilae thanks!

  • 48w ago m4z31k0 m4z31k0


  • 48w ago bosstownbower bosstownbower

    Gio is wonder why the eph he’s in the pic hahaha

  • 48w ago brickmanbarry brickmanbarry

    Oh the memories. I grew up in Parry Sound and on a clear night I could pick up WBZ (I believe that was the station) and listen to the Bruins. I can still see The Goal in my memory. Go Bruins!!

  • 48w ago xex.infections xex.infections


  • 48w ago brody_seymour_33 brody_seymour_33

    Size different much. CARA

  • 48w ago larrythelobster579 larrythelobster579

    I loved this moment before the game. Stan Jonathan! What

  • 48w ago themilkman_delivers themilkman_delivers

    Loved those guys

  • 48w ago cmcglynn7212 cmcglynn7212

    Awesome great record to still have

  • 48w ago emiddleton16 emiddleton16

    My husband #16!

  • 47w ago swizzlers swizzlers

    Started very young watching these guys and became a Bruins fan for life! 🖤💛

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