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  • 31w ago haplopelma_nl haplopelma_nl

    H. hercules was never in the hobby and wasn't found since the first specimen was found in late 1800's. Usually people sell Hysterocrates sp. Nigeria as H. hercules :)

  • 31w ago yole_spider yole_spider

    Whether it's sp. Nigeria or hercules, its beautiful

  • 31w ago dr.ebola dr.ebola

    T slings are so cute and fuzzy.

  • 31w ago vanessa_arachnovegan vanessa_arachnovegan

    @haplopelma_nolove they should have their pants catch on fire.

  • 31w ago dansouthman2 dansouthman2

    Those are demonspawn haha...holding one makes this the most epic thing I've seen all day

  • 25w ago exotics_etc exotics_etc

    So precious!


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