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Long story short, i'm infected with HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease). Today is my 2nd day (apparently i got it since yesterday & not knowing the fact; i'd kissed my daughter and in the God name i hope she's not infected as well).
So doctor had advised me to constantly washing my hands before i touch anyone or anything, and better not to share my food with others and wear a mask so that the virus won't spread in the air. This is bad. Really really bad. I'm okay by the way, just that, my hand and feet are itchy. LOL other than that i'm fine. And yes, i'm quarantined for 5days at least. Sigh.
That's all. Bye.
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  • 53w ago kimmie_sings5 kimmie_sings5

    Get well soon 😘

  • 53w ago lemonygreentea lemonygreentea

    Take care & hope you’re getting well soon🙏

  • 53w ago nooo_oox nooo_oox

    Hoping for your fast recovery 🙏🙏🙏

  • 53w ago skincareaddictmy skincareaddictmy

    oh nooo gws scha!!! 😘

  • 53w ago

    Oh no! No high fever? I had it before. The feet was so sore. Fever spiked at 40C. Jeez. Speedy recovery 🤗

  • 53w ago suriabdulrahman suriabdulrahman

    Gws.. Speedy recovery

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @kimmie_sings5 thank you dear kimmie 😘

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @lemonygreentea thanks a lot, thank you! 😁😘

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @greatamericanclay thank you! I hope so too.. thank you so much for your prayers 😘😅

  • 53w ago neexxzz neexxzz

    Oh no!! Take case Scha! Get well soo n.

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @skincareaddictmy oh yesssss 😭😭thank you faie faie 💖

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc thank god no fever, and it's not severe, just itchy 😅 thank youuuu

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @suriabdulrahman thank you dearie suria 💖

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @neexxzz oh yaaaaa! Hahaha thank you Nizz and your fat fingers (kidding) 😂😂

  • 53w ago neexxzz neexxzz

    @skincare.etc hahahahaa. Long live the fat fingers!😂

  • 53w ago skincareaddictmy skincareaddictmy

    @skincare.etc 💛💛💛💛

  • 53w ago thecamellia1977 thecamellia1977

    Oh noooo! Gws dear

  • 53w ago skincarewithsaj skincarewithsaj

    Oh I didn’t know detol made other things!

  • 53w ago ladylunaskin ladylunaskin

    Get well soon!!

  • 53w ago anniethings_ anniethings_

    get well soon 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • 53w ago my.skinology my.skinology

    Hope you will recover soon 😘

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @thecamellia1977 oh yesss 😭😭 thank you ashikin 💖

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @skincarewithsaj we have hand sanitizer, wet wipes and even shower gel from Dettol here.. the shower gel got different kind too; gold, chamomile, cucumber, honey etc. and ya body scrub too. 😘

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @matcha.maidn dont worry ashley, i'm fine.. just itchy.. haha and i stupidly ate chicken and seafood, made the itchiness even worse 😂😂

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @ladylunaskin thank you 😭😭🙏🏻

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @anniethings_ thank you Annie 😘💖

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @my.skinology thank you elizabeth 💖🙏🏻

  • 53w ago adelina.radu adelina.radu

    OMG, I know how it is! Both me and my bf got this stupid thing straight after Christmas and it kept us on quarantine for 10 days (ruined our NYE as we had to stay in, just by ourselves). I went to see a dr and he said I can go to work! I was: but isn't extremely contagious? And he was, no, it's fine! Anyway, stayed and worked from home and slowly I recovered. The worst thing for me is that I had the blisters inside my
    throat so for almost a week I ate only chocolate and rice pudding... it was difficult. I realllly know how bad it is and I fell sorry for you. Get well soon!

  • 53w ago skincarewithsaj skincarewithsaj

    @skincare.etc I might need a detol care package 😭😭😭😭

  • 53w ago chottoskincare chottoskincare

    Wishing you a quick recovery!

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @adelina.radu omg yes i have only one blister inside my throat, make it hard to swallow but other than that it's super itchy on my hands and foot but its still okay. Your doctor said it's okay to go to work?! 😱omg it's highly extremely contagious. I'm quarantine at home and even my boss asked me to just rest for the whole week and after i recover he asked me to work from home, just to make sure everything is completely gone LOL 😂i really understand how you felt missing NYE as now i'm missing Chinese New Year as well! I can't go visit my parent and it makes me really sad 😢and i'm afraid i'll infect my daughter too. It's scary and kid's immune system isn't as strong as ours 😩

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @chottoskincare omg thank you!! 😭everyone is praying for my recovery i'm touched 😭😭thank you so much

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @skincarewithsaj LOL! I can deliver them to you if you want. But not now as i'm quarantined HAHAHA 🤣🤣

  • 53w ago all_about_my_madness all_about_my_madness

    Sorry to hear that! Get well soon 💕

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @glowymar yes it is! 😭😭thank you Mar 😘

  • 53w ago skincare.etc skincare.etc

    @all_about_my_madness it's okay, i'm getting better.. thank you Anna 🙆🏻💖

  • 28w ago timlee1987 timlee1987

  • 16w ago houseofhealin_gongbadak.kt houseofhealin_gongbadak.kt


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