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More from the Cooking Encyclopedia (Ryori Hyakka, published by Shufunotomo in Tokyo, 1961.) This photo has the caption “[Eat] yoshoku casually with chopsticks”. The equivalent in the west would be saying “eat Asian food casually with a knife and fork”. Nowadays forks and knives are used all the time in Japan, but that wouldn’t have been the case back then. (These days “yoshoku” is still often eaten with chopsticks, especially at home.) Note the use of very Japanese looking dinnerware for everything.
The recipes featured are interesting, since none of them are eaten regularly anymore except for the consommé. Going clockwise from top left, there’s breaded fried boiled beef, tomato salad with mousseline sauce, rabbit and vegetable pot pie (made in a donabe!), and consommé (described as “sumashi soup”). Rabbit is rarely eaten in Japan now. The recipe for the salad uses a kind of mushroom called iwatake that is so expensive now that it’s mostly only used in traditional medicine (it grows on cliff sides and such and is very difficult to gather). The “mousseline sauce” has mirin in it, which is surely a Japanese touch.



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