Instagram post by @da_real_hiphop Dario Thompson

The resent video I made for the song by Hussein Fatal and Tame One- Ghetto Star
I wanted to make this video Friday but I couldn’t find any ideas plus we were back and forth from Stevenson University and other places, so I didn’t have time or the WiFi connection. But if you don’t know who Hussein Fatal is, he is a hiphop artist from Montclair New Jersey who was and is a member of the Outlawz. The Outlawz are a hiphop legacy that was founded by 2pac aka Makaveli The Don. The legacy of the famed artist Tupac Shakur continues through the Outlawz. Shout out to @newstreet_veteran and @fataldoggnewjerz and anyone who actually values genuine hiphop. #riphusseinfatal #tame1 #therealhiphop #ghettostar #raplegends #realhiphop #husseinfatal #hiphop #rap #jerseyblock #cyo #husseingang #lyrics #outlawz4life

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