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When it comes to the question “how often to post”,I don’t just want to tell you “post every day, because why not?”.I want to teach you how to think strategically when you create your posting schedule.Let’s start🙃
Your target is to increase your Post Reach.There’re 2 different ways to do it:
1️⃣Increase the Engagement Rate of your posts=produce excellent content,so every single post could reach many people, or
2️⃣Post more to reach more. Quality vs. Quantity.What you should choose depends on what your Instagram is about.
Let’s divide all Instagrammers into 4 categories:
⭐️True bloggers/blogging experts-Instagrammers who write informative/interesting posts, with the accent on the caption/text (not on the photos),or create the content that requests time to be produced (photos that are more art than photos, videos, any other “time-consuming” creatives ). If you belong to this type, believe me,I know that every post of yours is not just “open Instagram,choose a photo, add emoji, click Post”. For you, guys,I have good news: Instagram increased the shelf life of the posts,so the followers who are active on your page, will see your posts in their feed even if the posts are not fresh ones. Stick to the schedule 3-4 posts per week,make sure every post of yours is strong and you will be fine. Quality over quantity is your strategy.
⭐️Shops/sellers.You need to sell and you can’t allow yourself to post rarely- so go for quantity. But don’t post every hour! If you have a local business,make sure you cover different periods of the day when your potential customers can be online.If you are an International seller, cover different time zones. 2-4 posts per day are fine for you as long as there is only 1 “Buy it” post on every 2-3 entertaining posts (Content rule 3:1), and as long as you track your daily number of unfollowers. If it starts growing, decrease the number of posts.
⭐️ Lifestyle/travel/food/any pages with accent on beautiful photos-every page where photos rule and captions are much less important. When you are an amazing travel photographer, or make likable cakes,or shoot cool lifestyle photos - 1-2 posts per day is your “good-to-go” schedule.
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