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2nd day of ⛷ today, practise day before my next lesson. We went to another ski resort call @tsugaike_kogen and they have so many fun Green slopes for beginners (strongly recommend for those who skii in @hakuba ). We had a lot of fun until Padgett decided to push me to a higher level without knowing it is a ⚫️ slope (he thought is a 🔴 slope, I 😭😭and 🤬🤬 him my whole way down! he patiently waited for me and encouraging me by explaining to me what to do, i think i may took about 10min 😭 on the slope, refused to move, secretly hoping i can slide down or someone can rescue me! #epicwei #somuchtearsforthatslope I think thats why he agreed to take this “cheesy” shot with me to make it up for all the tears 🤳🏻: selfie stick tripod + ⏱ #daniinjpwithrp2018 #skii #experience #snow #vsco #snapseed #fun


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